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Best Times to Buy Anything: Your Ultimate Frugal Living Guide to Become Savvy Shopper & Save Money on Everything, Every Day

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A little tweak to our routine spending can lead to a big financial perk. Buying things in certain savvy times when they cost at least can save substantial money and you can have everything on your wishlist without exchanging for a fortune.

This guide will help you through a fun way to manage your spending as per your income and lifestyle. Following the step by step and easy to practice tools and pro-tips you can dramatically improve your shopping behavior.

It will teach you how to become a smart savvy shopper and save thousands of dollars on everything you buy in your daily, seasonal to yearly routines.

In your mission of frugal living, it will help get the maximum value of your dollar spending and spend less than others on almost the same things and experiences.

The savvy shopping guide contains thirteen chapters.

The first chapter is all about expert guidelines applied generally for all purchasing categories. It includes no-nonsense hacks you can learn and use to save dollars every day for everything. The actual best time to buy guide expands from chapter 2 to chapter 13.

All the purchasing, a general median American make for a decent lifestyle are categorized chapter wise, making it easy for savvy shoppers to learn and benefit answering three basic questions:

When is the best time to buy?

How to win the best bargain and where to find the best deals?

The food and groceries are essentials every one purchase on a regular basis so the chapter of the best time to buy groceries include:

  1. When is the best time to buy groceries? The certain times when food and grocery cost at least
  2. How to buy the best grocery bargain? The hacks and tools to shop grocery and food for less
  3. Where to find the best deals? The places and channels to find inexpensive grocery deals

The major product categories featured in the guide are:

Food & Groceries, Fashion (clothes, accessories, jewelry and shoes), Electronics & Home Appliances, Tech (mobiles, PCs, cameras and accessories), Cars & Vehicles, Linen Bedding & Mattresses, Furniture & Furnishing, House & Property, Gift Cards, Lawnmowers & Gardening Equipment and Tour & Travels.

To make the guide more generally understandable and interesting, a savvy character “LILY” is created.

Lily is learning the savvy stings in her frugal living mission through these guidelines. She is a median American and wants to live a happy and fulfilling life on one income. Her household comprised of 1.3 income earners, 0.6 children, and 0.4 seniors – takes in total $73574 income annually, as per the Engaging Data.

The pattern, this median American household spends on all expenditures and expected savings are shown in the savvy meter infographic at the bottom of each expense category chapter.

The conclusion of each category happens with Lily’s takeaways – the whole story’s most impactful ideas and actionable advice for a frugal consumer.

Each chapter ends up with a savvy meter – the infographic of general data and statistics, a median American or household spends historically and the expected savings being a savvy shopper.

As you read, the content would become more digestible, relevant and beneficial in terms of money, time, energy and satisfaction.