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The best time to buy consumer electronics and home appliances is definitely the black Friday & cyber Monday, the month of January & May when new models of electronics are introduced and old models are offered on discounts to make room for new stock. Seasonal items such as refrigerators and air conditions are on good bargain in second half of summer – between June and July. And yes, go to store after 3 pm and on Tuesday to make a savvy deal. A shopping holiday can save upto 50% of price – Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Presidents Day etc.

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This is the category which eats lot of money in consumer budgets. A new fridge to replace old one, washing matching or air conditioning system can cost you more than $6000 – enough money to disturb your entire budget. There is a good thing – a bit of research and homework prior to shop these expensive items can get you savvy deals and save thousands of bucks every season.

Electronics market is full of brands & options and it is important consumer strategy to consider two factors – the quality of items and the value of money you are spending. So to win a better deal in terms of quality and price you need a prudent purchase in best time and day, to best buy.

Here, we put together the “best time”, “how to buy” and “where to buy” guide to help consumers get savvy on this essential category.

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1. Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The first best time we selected is, of course, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday to win upto 80% off on new appliances. These holidays offer a good chance to find your required item at the best price, every year.

The end of the year always puts buyers in a better position to have a good bargain. Black Friday comes after Thanksgiving Day in November and Cyber Monday comes after shopping weekend. Visit a store on Black Friday if you are ok with crowds (a long line and wait of 5 hours) or make a purchase from the comfort of your home on Cyber Monday (a slow site and checkout because of high traffic).

NOTE: You can get better deals in October on all types of home appliances than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The retailers play smart and they discount percentages on over-priced items on these two big shopping events. On the other hand, in October – November, retailers need to make room for the heavy stock of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales so they offer “Real Deals” on long stale inventory.

2. Shopping Holidays

There are other shopping holidays throughout the year which offers good opportunities to shop savvy on appliances. 

Presidents Day (a long shopping weekend comes in February) is best to buy mattresses and home appliances on upto 50% discounts.

The Memorial Day is the best time of May to buy the best deals on refrigerators, microwaves, washers, and dryers, etc.

Amazon Prime Day somewhere in mid of July (4th of July Sales) offers a good opportunity where consumers can shop big discounted items of all categories from various retailers. 

Labor Day in September is also the best time to win amazing deals on electronics and home appliances. Other shopping holidays such as Columbus Day ( in October ) and after Christmas New Year Eve (weeklong shopping events) from 26th December to 1st of January is also popular for big deals on all type of electronics and appliances.


As for all other categories, when the new model is launched by appliance brands, the retailers offer heavy discounts on old models. It is because they need to make room for new stock. It is to be noted that there is little or no considerable difference in items’ features and tech from one model to other so it is a good bargain to look for an old model with upto 50% price drop.

The Consumer Electronics Show can help here, to know about the upcoming new models so that you can wait to win a big deal on your required appliances. Compare both models in terms of tech, features, and price then make a prudent purchase. It is an ongoing process, one model after another every season, so no need to worry much about a model.


The month-end time comes from our savvy shopping universal formula – Every Period End Deals. The retail businesses manage their books month-wise so as the targets and sales. At the end of every month most of the time they are in a better position to offer a good bargain if you try open and direct bargain strategy dealing with the store. (Because sometimes prices are not discounted marked but period end can win you a deal on inquiry)

 It is very true especially for slow items and models to push them out and help them achieve month-end targets. Remember store salespeople are expert to upsell you so they offer deals on certain items to attract customer visits.


The statistics show that most popular appliances brands release new models around September – October, making it one of our best times to buy previous models on price drop of upto 50%. November is the month of Black Friday and Cyber Monday so it is the best time to buy appliances.

The start of the summer season (May) is also a common practice to offer a new model especially fridges and air conditions, and price drop on old is expected. In January, after long shopping holidays and year-end sales, retailers feel the need to attract customers, offer discounts, especially on previous models when the new model is expected to launch in New Year.

Buy your fridges and air conditions in late winter – off-season and service them in winter between August and February. It will get you the best price on both deals.


There are simply too many electronics, brands, options and they involve too much money also. So to purchase such an expensive item you need to be vigilant. Take care of the above savvy guide to win a better bargain.  Now days, electronics are offered in-store as well as online and you have many options from brand new to refurbish and from brand store to eBay and Craigslist.


Always plan your appliance buying and make some homework for your purchase. There are always options available and you never need to pay full price.

If you prefer in-store shopping for an appliance then your market research will get you the best brands and retailers around with the best price. Visit that store following the savvy times discussed in the previous section.


If you are looking for last year’s model items, remember those with high ratings will disappear in the market when price drop so timing is everything. And popular brands such as Sony and Samsung always offer discounts directly from manufacturers.


Follow the weather and seasons in your region – Fridges and Air Conditions drop price in winter, Gas heater & other winter items drop prices in summer and TVs on back-to-school season.


If you are planning to replace your old appliance with a new one, then it is always savvy to sale out the old one and add to your budget for new. Never mind to make a market search and give it a visit to the window shop. Never make last-minute desperate purchase – it is always expensive.


Compare prices of different models of the same item or various brands so that you can come out with the best price in the market. It is very easy to do price comparison using your smartphone app.

It will provide you instant and clear picture of market prices for specific items and will help you decide considering all information.

For iPhone: RedLaser and for Android users: Barcode Scanner is good to go. Simply put the model number or scan the barcode on item cover and you have the whole market price comparison on your palm.


You can do this task easily online. Using smartphone apps, review sites, directly opening the manufacturer site or on Amazon, you can read the reviews. Take your time; it will equip you with enough information to finally make a better selection.

If you found any premium quality and high-end item with a high rating of critics and negative reviews then chances are high that shortly you can expect price drop for such electronics items. Further, you can directly ask the retailer for a bargain.


It is equally important to check the retailor policy about warranty and return, in case. The purpose is to safeguard you against any after shop mishap. Appliances normally come with a 6 to 12-month warranty – in this period you can return the item and get a new one.

The return policy is also relevant and provide an extended feature of customer satisfaction – customer can return the item if don’t like or don’t want to keep anyways. If not clear, ask for help from the retailer.

CNBC suggests an expert tip to check your appliance at home.


Keep in mind the attached costs while buy appliances; shipping & delivery, taxes, and fixing. Unlike other small objects, electronics and home appliances such as the fridge or TV can be large; 6 feet in height and weigh more than 300 Pounds.

From delivery to taking into appropriate place take efforts and cost extra bucks so always consider the shipping cost (some retailor offer free shipping) and other expenses occur with your purchase.


To make your purchase, there are many options – brand new item from retail stores to refurbish centers, Craigslist to eBay, Pawn Shops to Liquidations Centers and from online electronics stores to Amazon the options are unlimited. Here we list the best options to buy your next appliance.


If you are replacing your old fridge or renovating your home with a new smart TV, the following are the top and premium electronics and home appliance brands to look for according to your needs and budget.


World top appliance brands offer items on retail stores as well as online. From free shipping to other incentives and if you are looking for some new hardware for your new home then they can get you the best deals for your next appliance purchase.

How to buy electronics online? And tasks to make savvy purchase of appliances online, Check this detailed post on Wikihow

These are the top 10 electronics and home appliances online markets.


We have come to the last section of our “Where to Buy Appliances”.

These are the other places but for me, these are the primary places to find the best deals for my appliances. It requires some learning curve and techniques to find out some amazing deals not only for electronics items but almost any product you need to shop. 

It is not possible to give details for each option, hence you are required to put some time and learn to bargain on these crazy online markets.


In other places, our first market is Craigslist – a popular online classified site that offers sellers to enlist items ranging from almost all categories and the buyer to shop good deals. Go and check it out in your interested category.

Shop Craigslist


Refurbished centers are one of my favorite places to look for big-ticket shopping. Some people don’t like to go for refurbish but they will change their perception until they get to know actually how to buy best a refurbished item with “Like-New” condition on upto 80% price drop.


Our next bargain market is the online penny auction sites, you may know only eBay but here is the list of top 10 auction sites that can help you greatly to find the best deals but again it involve a bit of learning and practice to use these amazing platforms. You need to be an expert at only two stages – how to find the best deals and second how to offer a bid on that item.


Pawnshops and liquidations centers are locally popular in the US and people use these platforms to sell and buy anything conveniently. Here are the top Pawn and Liquidation Sites.


  1. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday and other long weekend shopping holidays is best time to win upto 50% off deals on new appliances.
  2. Win big deals on current models when new model launches. Check Consumer Electronics Show schedule for new models in electronics and appliance market.
  3. Shop off-season – Air conditions and Fridges in late-summer, heaters in late-winter.
  4. The days from Monday to Thursday, last week of a month and the months of October, November and January are savvier
  5. Do your homework, search the market online and in-store, compare prices and choose best option
  6. Expand your budget by selling old appliances and look for some like-new second hand items, follow seasons and cheaper times
  7. Check the warranty and retailors policy for return, follow brand instructions to keep warranty valid and finally stress test the appliance at home.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or tips I missed, we’d love to hear it below!
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