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Best Times to Buy Linen & Bedding

Best Times to Buy Linen, Bedding & Mattress

Emily Johansson

Written by Emily Johansson 

⊂ Updated: 05/03/2019 ⊃

It deserves to be comfortable where you spend one-third of your entire life – your bed, what keeps you alive – kitchen and what makes you fresh – your bath. The linen & bedding are one of finest and premium essentials in your home, so as the money and time to buy them. Fortunately, there are certain times through year when you can win good bargain for linen, bedding and mattresses. Putting it together, The White Sales in month of January is best time to buy finest linen and bedding deals upto 80% off and for mattress, it is May – the biggest discounted shopping event for premium mattresses

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These are everyday essentials that you may need to restock multiple times in a year. The home feels like home mostly because of these things that’s why most people especially women spend a lot of energy and budget on linens and bedding.

A study by Statista shows that affluent Americans spend some $84 on bedroom linens annually. A fine quality towel can cost $20 and bedding several hundred dollars. As a savvy shopper, you need to take care of this expenditure by planning and scheduling the shopping through savvy times of year. 

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Besides the famous White Sales, Shopping Holidays, and the month of May and December, there are certainly other times which are equally savvy to buy your best deals. Here is the detailed guide that curated all the best times to buy for linen, bedding & mattress, the hacks and tips to buy the best online or in-store and finally where to buy.

Fresh start of year and fresh savings on your whites, nothing is savvier than January when it comes to buying bed & bath items – The White Sales

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Fresh start of year and fresh savings on your whites, nothing is savvier than January when it comes to buying bed & bath items – The White Sales


Our first best time to buy new household linen items is the first month of January in which retailers offer highest discounts upto 80% off on the event of long popular White Sales – not specified to a time but it is type of special deals a retailor offer on its merchandises to boost sale and clearance.

The White Sales are steeply discounted offers on the bed and bath items ranging from bed sheets, comforters, towels, duvets, home decors, and other home linens items. Ever since John Wannamaker firstly introduced “White Sales” back in 1878, the whole month of January experiences the finest special offers on all household merchandise.

The merchants such as Macy’s, Wayfair, Overstock and many others may offer White Sales during summer or any other time but prime time is January so never miss it to restock your linen and bedding.

In February, the departmental stores may offer sales upto 75% off, especially on lingering, cloth napkins, and placemats, to push last season inventory and to make room for new stocks of summer season.

Your favorite bedding & linen stores may periodically offer their special White Sales besides January and July, to boost sales and push inventory. So, be direct and ask the store managers or salesmen for the next expected time of their White Sales offers.


If you want to save more, spend less and organize your closets of these essentials and you missed January White Sales, the other best time comes in mid-summer – around June and July.

You can see some retailor offer white sales in summer but the DealNews featured the highest number of deals especially on Towels & Bath Whites in June and July. 

The month of August is back-to-school and college session, the dorm room essentials and décor market experience a boost in demand from students. You can find the items on 30-50% discounts by popular retailors to offer student community special deals on their back to college time.

August observes as the prime moving season – people move, migrate and settle in new houses and places, stores know it and treat it with special markdowns on linens and beddings.

What is included in linens?

Linen is a general term used for our routine fabric essentials at home – Kitchen Linen, Bed Linen, and Bath Linen. The kitchen linen includes dish & tea towels, washcloths, tablecloths, placemats, aprons, oven mitts, and table runners. The bed linen consists of sheets, comforts, pillowcases, blankets, duvets, bedspreads and curtains. And the bath linen includes mainly the bath towels and washcloths.


A faculty director of CRI department at Wake Forest University in Winston, Sheri Bridges notes, “The holidays are about wants and the rest of year is about needs”

The shopping holidays and events such as Black Friday, Presidents Day or Cyber Monday are popular for home products, electronics, tech, and clothing categories but market is now experiencing special offers on linens as well from all departmental stores (online & in-store)

To benefit maximum from these shopping events, you have to prepare yourself, do market research and make a list of items you want in bed, bath and kitchen.

  • Thanksgiving Day: is observed on the last Thursday in November – famous for sharing gifts and shopping in the biggest discounted shopping week. Departmental stores observe deals on household fabrics for this special family get together day.
  • Black Friday: Celebrated on the fourth Friday of November every year – the biggest retail shopping day especially in America after Thanksgiving Day. With amazing deals of upto 90% off on HD TV or your favorite brand denim, it can be the one of best times to look for your linen and beddings.
  • Presidents Day: The United States official federal Presidents Day comes on third Monday in February which is already observing the end of white sales prime season. The savings can be double if you find your wish list items on sale in your favorite white sales.
  • Labor Day: Labor Day is celebrated (in the USA) on the first Monday of September – almost all offices, banks, and institutions are closed. Many Popular linen brands such as Brooklinen offer special bedding savings on premiums items in-store and online.
  • The Memorial Day celebrated as a federal holiday on the last Monday of May. The mid-season and end of winter is the best time to look for winter season closets and linen clearance.
  • And the July 4th is observed as American Federal Independent Day; the holiday can observe big discounts upto 75% off on regular prices from popular merchants as their mid-season White Sales offer.


Good mattress for good night sleep – that’s how it is important among all other households. With durability, firmness, and quality, you will sleep better by knowing that you got a good price.

The mattress is an essential of bedding that costs substantial money in the household budget – price ranges from $150 to $5000 and typically, they are replaced every 7 years or so.

What is the average life and average cost of a Mattress?

The Better Sleep Council suggests the average life of a mattress from 7 to 10 years. It is more difficult to work out the average cost because of many make and models in the market. The average cost of a traditional premium quality spring mattress is somewhere between $500 and $2500. Whereas, this cost goes up from $500 to $5000 for a memory form mattress. You need to consider durability, firmness, size, taxes, and shipment when deciding mattress purchase.

They come with a sticker price which is higher than the actual price – a common practice in the mattress industry. You should never settle for a price tag because the actual price and the invoice price are far less.  Luckily, there are many good times throughout the year for a savvy shopper to find and grab the best deals on this big-ticket item.

Normally, the good life of a mattress is from 7 to 10 years, as per BSC. If you don’t bother the other things – the signs of wear and tear, your discomfort & after-sleep body aches (neck & back) can signal the end of a mattress life that you need to replace it now. To notice the discomfort of your current mattress, sleep a night on another bed or go on vacation.


The three things to consider during shopping are – the size, comfort, and price. Leaving the first two preferences with you, we will help you find the best deal on this budget eating item through best times and hacks to shop your next mattress.

Ready? Here are the best times


Our first best time to buy mattresses is the month of January.

This is the season of White Sales and winter is going to welcome the summer season. The merchants try to utilize the White Sales season in combination with winter clearance for stale inventory of mattresses to make room for the summer stock. So, you can find the best deal on your favorite mattress in January.


The biggest shopping season to get the highest bargains – upto 80% on mattresses is the month of May. Popular retail stores like Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Amazon typically offer discounts as high as $600 or so, especially on traditional selection.

May is our second best time but top in savings for premium items when retailor offer inventory clearance sales. Mattresses come all year round but spring is the season of lower prices on these items. Retailors push the stale inventory in their stores with discounted offered in this season when new stock arrives and they need to make enough room for new stock and styles.

If you like brick-and-mortar stores to personally visit and make a purchase after checking physically then May is the best time with amazing in-store deals on mattresses and box springs.

The season from May to September is period when manufacturers roll out their new models, style, offers and stocks in the market. So you can find best deals on previous stocks with manufacturer-sponsored markdowns upto 50% on stale inventory as they need their retailors to fill in new stock for the coming season.


The third prime time to find best deals on mattress and box springs is all the shopping holidays and events though year when customers are off their work on long weekends and visit markets anticipating special offers on everything.

The Memorial Day joins the already season of manufacturers markdown offers on old stock so it is the best time to win a higher bargain. 

President’s Day in February is the best time because it is the shopping event when retailers offer great discounts on big-ticket items. The Forbes contributor Laura Heller observes the President’s Day as the best time especially for jointly use items shopping such as mattress by both spouses because they take the advantage of long shopping weekend to visit and experience together the item before buying.

The high retailers’ discounts on premium items like memory foams are rare however the big deals are always out there for traditional beddings.

The July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Labor Day is another popular shopping event to find discounts on mattresses. All the shopping holidays and events are very well planned by businesses. They sometimes play smart tactics in showing big deep sale figures on boards but not that much dollar discounts actually, so it is the time of girly math to find the Real Deal before buying a mattress.

During holidays, besides markdowns and discounts on regular prices, they offer special deals on financing, shipment & delivery, and interests as well to boost sales. Always check for online options from many mattress specialist sites out there such as Tuft & Needle, Saatva Mattress, Casper Sleep, and Lull just to name a few. 

These online stores offering more attractive products and deals than you see on the floor of a store especially on Cyber Monday shopping. Why miss the 2-day Amazon Prime Day shopping every year on July 15th when sleeping industry’s big names such as Tuft & Needle are offering their products from Amazon.


You feel tired even after a full night’s rest and having poor sleep quality?

Now is the best time to buy online a mattress as per your preferences, when you keep waking up more tired, back and neck pain, than you went to sleep or sagging issue? No need to wait Black Friday or May, if you need a traditional mattress then every day is a President’s Day as you go online to find the best bang for your bucks.

More selection, more variety, more new models, advance products and more options for convenient shipment are what online mattress stores are enjoying competitive edge over brick-and-mortar champions. (Top online mattress stores are listed in where to buy section below)


Usually, from March to April, and secondly, from May to September, the companies roll out new models and new stock in the market. As new inventory arrives, the retailors turn over their current inventory – customer tested and showroom models displayed as a floor sample. 

Scott Paladini, CEO of Bear Mattress suggests this new inventory season as the best time for a savvy shopper to personally visit near mattress store and negotiate a good bargain on the old floor inventory – the items which retailors offer on higher discounts because of staying on floor for a span and likely been tested by other shoppers.

You can ask the store manager or customer service in advance and plan your visit to more than one store around as per their inventory turnover schedule. The items on the floor are like-new and not as such used but not as attractive for customers because of the reason.

Scott Paladini suggests the new inventory season as the best time for a savvy shopper to personally visit near mattress store and negotiate a good bargain on the old floor inventory – the items which retailors offer on higher discounts

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The opening and closeout sales are not as such regular bargains or year on year holiday sales but they exist in the cut-throat competitive mattress market. The startups both online and brick-and-mortar come in mattress bedding business and go out of it throughout the year.

A new business can offer special deals on its opening to drum up the business and attract first footfall in the market and a closing store, on the other hand, is the best time and place for a savvy shopper to win an amazing bargain on closeout inventory.

Closing businesses try to recover the fraction of investment by selling leftover inventory by offering big discounts on market prices. Be vigilant in the current world of information age and never miss such short-time perks when this good or bad happening occurs to a mattress store around.


You start your day – from using a towel to drying off after morning shower to end the day by coving yourself in the bed. As you have learned and know the certain best times year-round to find the best possible deals, this is the time to educate you with some no-nonsense hacks in finding the best price for all important linens and bedding.


The ever first step for savvy shopping of your linens and bedding is to know your requirements and preferences. Do a thorough audit of your home and figure out the best options to go for linen and bedding and make a list to follow during shopping.

  • The stuff, construction, weight, size, and fabric of a towel you need in the kitchen and that in bath.
  • More towel insight details here
  • What you feel more comfortable with – linen or cotton fabrics.
  • Figure out the color, stuff, and thread of the sheets and bed coverings considering the season and weather in your region.
  • What is trending now and match your interior and budget as well
  • What is the best match on linen and duvet based on local climate and needs – it will save you to shop some extras for each season separately.
  • Try to plan a cotton percale and light to mid-weight sheets to use for all year round, comfortably.
  • For the mattress, it is even more critical to set your preferences – which style you sleep; side, back or stomach and what the firmness level you like to sleep on.
  • The profile and right size of the bed and bedroom
  • Both spouses must settle for the best mutual choice at home before visiting a store especially to shop mattresses and bedding.

As you have figured out your needs and preferences, now build up your shopping list with items plus priorities and stick to it at the store. It will cut your time, energies and money spending on these essentials.


How much you are going to spend on what you have already figured out, the make and model of the items. What is the better price and what you are willing to spend – this means savvier shopping with the right product at the right price?

Generally, Linens can cost from $5 to $500 and a Mattress can cost from $500 to $5000.

The budgeting is a guideline through money – the maximum price you can afford for a mattress.  It will defend you against overspending and overpaying in the market full of choices and luxuries. Your homework on linens and mattress will give the closest idea about the prices in the market for items in your wishlist.


A wide variety of linen, bedding, and mattress brands are out there in the market. Market research will arm you with insights and information about the best products to match your wishlist and preferences.

  • A brand, feature and price comparison will help you in making the final choice.
  • What are the historical prices and how they have behaved on holiday seasons?
  • The brand, model or product which suits both your wishlist and budget.
  • If checking online, go through the reviews and comments of online users.
  • If you know the better lowest price in the past, then you can use it as a reference in negotiation to get it again.
  • When the new model clearance sales are expected? And if there is any special offer from any new startup or closing one around.
  • Some perks and after-sale incentives are not available on sale and clearance items so you should keep in mind.

Similar items and even the same brand mattress can cost different on different retailors so a thorough market search whether online or physical will surely help you greatly. After market research, your confidence during negotiation will get you a better bargain.


The more you are well informed about the product or market, the more you will be savvy when shopping.

There are so many technicalities and insights involved in today’s linens and mattresses but it doesn’t require you to do a proper study of the subject. With some homework that you can do online easily, you will be armed with enough knowledge and product insights that will help you for the time of bargain.

  • The material made, thickness, and at the same time firmness, softness and comfort level.
  • The thread count of the sheets, weave, weight and the stuff type – the more the threads the better is the quality, but avoid the sometime super-high thread counts trap by retailors.
  • The thread, layers, and roughness of towels.
  • You need to know what is considered actually superior quality, how that measured and what you find in the store is actually the same quality as described.
  • Never hesitate to ask customer service about your doubts and conformations.
  • Scratch the sheet or fabric to thread test and make a better thread count selections even for a bit higher price as it lasts longer.


Certain times will get better bargains, for sure.

If you want a better bargain on linens and bedding you may need to wait for certain times when prices are low – mark your calendar or set a reminder for the upcoming white sales, winter & spring seasons and long weekend shopping holidays.

  • White Sales – The month of January and sometime in mid-summer
  • Memorial’s Day – Celebrated on last Monday of the month of May
  • President’s Day – Celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February
  • July 4th4th of July
  • Thanksgiving Day – Celebrated on 4th Thursday of November
  • Black Friday – Celebrated on Friday following Thanksgiving Day
  • Cyber Monday – First Monday after Thanksgiving Day
  • Labor Day – Celebrated on First Monday of September
  • Amazon Prime Day – 15th of July

Follow this guide for all the best times to buy and preplan so that your wait could be worthwhile.


Calculate the total cost going to occur with a purchase

There are many associated costs especially with mattresses that can add up a substantial amount reaching the final destination – must consider all the related costs factors with the product’s receipt price point.

  • Sales Tax that can be somewhere between 1.75% to 8.91% of the product price point, applied when purchase and include in on the receipt.
  • Some states such as California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island ruled a certain dollar amount as Recycling Tax – a customer must to pay for each mattress.
  • The third important cost associated with mattress is shipping and delivery, through UPS, FedEx, and other popular ground-based courier services. Mattress comes in large size, special packaging and delivery – some online stores offer free shipping but it can cost $100 or so if not offered free.


Look for slightly used and returned inventory of a brand to lock huge bargains.

The stores offer a sleep trial to test the mattress for a certain time – usually 30 to 90 nights. If they are not satisfied they can return the product.

Secondly, the mattress comes with a warranty and manufacturers take it back if found any fault for full or partial payback.  The returned inventory is then maintained by the manufacturer but offered on cheap prices as refurbished items.

Ask your store manager if they have any slight used or like-new returned inventory – that can save you half of your entire mattress budget.


Consider white glove delivery if you are living in stairs connected home stories above or down the ground floor where in-home transportation, assembly, and removal process will be hard and costly.

White Glove Delivery is a special shipping service that pertains to mattresses and box springs where they handle the whole process from delivery and transportation to in-home assembly, unpacking, inspection, packaging material waste removal, and the old mattress disposal work.

It generally costs around $100.


As the mattress is an expensive item so you need to be more careful about its warranty and guarantee terms as specified by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

If found defective within the warranty period that remains valid generally 5 to 20 years as many brands offer, you are covered with some conditions – manufacturer is “stand behind” its product. However, this span of warranty is more as assumed and market tactics than real because it is the total life of a mattress itself. 

The point here is – the warranty should be your primary consideration factor when purchasing and if found defective especially the issue of sagging within warranty span, contact retailer, get it repaired, remove faults or flaws with no added cost or returned otherwise.

Get a clearly written warranty with terms about span and protections, read the tags on a mattress and follow the manufacturer policy to keep protection valid.

Let’s check what is covered generally in mattress warranties:

  • Sagging or sinking – The sagging depth for most warranties is 1 inch
  • Coils Issues – Any bend, break or burst out of the side
  • Any unfastened seams and joints
  • Any irregular bunching of foam of matters

And what is not protected under warranties:

  • All normal wear and tear signs – reduced softness or firmness
  • Sinking less than the minimum threshold depth as specified in your warranty (normally 1 inch)
  • Roughness of the surface or stuff because of usage
  • Any nominal discoloration because of washing or so


There are always some best deals through discount codes, coupons and cash backs for linens, bedding, and mattress either sponsored by manufacturers or by third party rebate sites.

How can you miss a discount from 10% to 50% on linens and $50 to $150 for a mattress through a valid coupon – easily available with a random search or on popular coupon sites such as, Retailmenot, to name a few.


Word-of-mouth is the most organic way of business promotion and businesses reward it seriously.

Site specific and referral discounts are common in linen and mattress industry for select models and styles. Set a plan with new neighbors or friends to go shopping in a team and enjoy the referral discount and economy of scale price reduction deals upto 25% on your next bedding and mattress purchase.

Don’t let friends buy a mattress without taking advantage of referral deals. Select the stores that are offering such referral deals and willing to reward bulk shopping before signing up through your friend’s link.

Style Motivation curated some best referral programs in the bedding and mattress industry


The bedding and mattress industry was more to do with brick-and-mortar and some big giants were dominating the market. But now e-commerce is cracking this market and with new startups, there is more for customers to find the best product with the best price.

The larger manufacturers, as well as smaller startups, have their online presence now. More players in the market means more perks for savvy shoppers. In fact, more options, more variety, best prices, free shopping, and convenience, are what make online shopping more attractive.

The best times to buy these everyday essentials are applied online equally and it is no uncommon to find lower prices online than its physical store because of fewer overheads – that can be upto 50% of a mattress price in a store.

As a savvy shopper, use the online resources from market search, price comparison, product reviews and insights to finding the best deal the way you do with in-stores.


Follow your retailor terms, policy and recommendations in using and caring for the product to keep your warranty valid.

After shopping for linens and mattress you need to be fully aware of the policy of retailor. Read out the manuals with items, the warranty documents and lastly the printed purchase receipts.

Follow the recommended washing care and read the tags on items – they will benefit you when you got defects such as unusual shrinkages, transformation of sheet textures or your mattress got a sagging depth more than 1 inch, this point going to safeguard you a lot at the time of exchange or return.

Not only having a fine print of receipts but understanding all the terms and protections are important.

  • Read all attached tags, manuals and care labels fully
  • Gently wash your beddings in cold water and dry normal
  • Avoid washing together and stay away from chlorine bleaches, it weakens the threads
  • Machine wash your towels with hot water
  • The longer the life of an item the lesser you need to shop for it.


The normal use wear and tears can make your bedding and mattress unappealing and look like the end of its life. But as a savvy shopper, your DIY expertise can bring an old mattress to life just by using a new duvet cover or so.

Maintain and repair your old items with new proper washing, new covers and save half of budget bucks with little time, technique and efforts.


Select classic styles and colors for your linens and beddings.

They are cheaper and never go out of fashion. With some extras and little upgrading, you can bring a whole new look to the existing classic settings with a fraction of the budget.


  • Ask your store manager to let you be informed about their overstock or white sales a bit earlier
  • Find stores around which are opening or closing – two critical short times to find great perks
  • Being agreed on priorities and shopping together is savvier – both spouses need to settle for a mutual choice especially for bedding and mattress before going to the store to avoid any choice clash on the floor.
  • Before closing a deal, take some minutes of your time to check the product at the floor and after shopping, take your time at home checking and testing the product your style and the way you normally use.
  • If you are shopping online, checking the complete details, read reviews and comments and contact customer service to satisfy completely
  • Don’t settle the way salesman pitch – strive for better price even on sales events. It is always fair to win some free extras such as covers, box springs, free delivery or any flexible policy term with mattress
  • Always have a walk-away price calculated in mind before heading to store – it will boost your confidence and help you not settle for any high price in the war of negotiations.
  • Negotiation is king – walk in and talk feeling cool, relax and confidence
  • Feel good, praise things the way they are and never slight the products aiming to bring prices down.
  • Do your girly math to calculate the real monetary discount – pay attention to discounted prices, not discount percentages


The Amazon, Walmart, Nordstrom and Macy’s stores are best to buy linen & bedding deals upto 80% off deals whereas popular savvy online stores for mattresses are Tuft & Needle, Saatva Mattress, Casper Sleep, and Lull.

The buying options are as many as the items to buy in linen, bedding and mattress category. In this where to buy section, we curated the best places and options to find high-quality but affordable deals so that a savvy shopper can win the best bargain.

All the retailor and stores that sell linen and beddings offer White Sales most probably in the month of January or any time of their choice. And all they have online channels to approach the customers with physical outlets. It lies more upon you that where to find the deals.



The Bottom Line

There is a tremendous amount of saving opportunities on linens, bedding, and mattress – from popular White Sales, winter & spring clearance, long weekend holiday sales to the online deals throughout the year.

Make a shopping list, research market, set a perfect best time schedule as per upcoming sales and become a smart savvy shopper and save upto 50% of your home essential budget with these linens and bedding best time to buy guide.


  1. The best and cheapest time to buy linens and bedding is The White Sales – January & February.
  2. Shop linens in mid-summer – around June and July especially on towels and bath whites.
  3. Shopping holidays and events such as Black Friday, President’s Day for upto 50% off deals.
  4. Buy mattress in January and May when new stock comes and stores offer highest bargain on old inventory.
  5. Win best deal of premium mattress when store turn over its floor inventory.
  6. Know your preferences, build a shopping list and maintain a better budget.
  7. Consider white glove delivery especially if you are living in stairs connected home.
  8. Be more careful about mattress guarantee as specified by FTC and take full advantage of it in case of any defect.
  9. Use discount codes, coupons and cash backs, shop together and get a referral deal

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or tips I missed, we’d love to hear it below!
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