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Nothing is moving with such an astonishing pace more than the technology. New products and models are released throughout the year. When planning to buy your favorite gear you might be in good position to win a real deal in certain time of year. Looking for a big deal on previous model on release of new model is very true in this category. Generally, the Consumer Electronics Show and Consumer Reports get you a best time to buy your next gear – January, Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Visit store around 4pm and on Monday to have better bargain

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Nothing is moving with such an astonishing pace more than the technology. New products and models are released throughout the year. When planning to buy your favorite gear you might be in a good position to win a real deal in certain times of the year. Looking for a big deal on the previous model on the release of the new model is very true in this category.

As a savvy shopper, it is not possible to go after every new model of iPhone or Laptop so you can convert this technology race to your favor just by following – late majority. Technology comes and becomes obsolete throughout the year.

Besides the January, year-end, spring season and shopping holidays, discounts and sales by different popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, and Amazon are offered at certain times throughout the year. From the technology market historical experience, we curated a “best time” technology guide to help you be in a good position to win a better deal for your next gear.

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Technology is important but it is no panacea at all that you need to upgrade. However, you need to avoid the “new model” race and get out of this expensive addiction because of the technology race. Brands release model every year with little or no considerable upgrading of technology and features valuable for a common user. Fall in the late majority and save a ton of money. Our universals savvy time formulas apply equally in the technology industry.

Here is the timeline to buy your tech.


Our first best time to buy tech items is the month of January.

With the combination of Consumer Electronics Show and the Super Bowl Shopping Event, this starting month of a new year is considered as the best time to buy because a new model is announced to release in the coming year. The users are intended to wait for new models that relax the rush in stores so to attract the customers and to clear the previous model stocks merchants offer upto 50% discounts on tech gears.

The CES debuted models are anticipated to launch in the market around the second quarter of the year so January and February are the best time to win deals on previous models.

Here is the chart of the new model release pattern by CNET


There are some exceptions to this best time because some popular brand’s marketing strategy is different from the industry. Apple release, usually, new models of its iPhones in autumn and laptops in spring so if you looking for Apple then follow their new model timing to save on previous models.

The best time to buy an Apple gear is spring and autumn. You may have better bargains on merchants and online stores other than the Apple flagship stores.

Pro-Tip: Apple alternates seasons with little and major technology upgrading so you need to look the model with some radical changes, not every new-year release necessarily will get you the real value of your bucks.

Samsung usually releases its new cell phone models between February to March and Google gears are announced in October – November.

Other than the Consumer Electronics Show announcements, technology companies offer new models of cellphones, laptops, cameras, and accessories throughout the year so keep updated about the new release of your wishlist products and position you for a better bargain.


With some exceptions of Apple and Samsung products, generally the clearance season of the tech industry in January and February so if you want to save big on Cameras, Mobiles, PC and TV then it is the best time to buy upto 70% off deals.


The best time to visit a physical store is between 2 pm and 4 pm – it is from our universal savvy rule because it is the time that deals with the psychology of sales person’s behavior so you can win a better bargain in the second half of working day.

The day of Monday is worked out as the best day to buy tech especially laptops, smart TVs and cameras.


Other than the new model launch times, the shopping holidays are the best times to buy technology throughout the year.

The Black Friday in October is considered one of the most discounted shopping events for all categories of items. If you can manage long lines and hours wait then Black Friday will surely win you the best deal. Cyber Monday in November is also a good time to shop upto 80% discounted gears from the comfort of your home.

NOTE: It is observed that technology stores especially online big names play smart with a trick on Black Friday. They raise their tag prices shortly before the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, lead to still handsome margins even after offering a high percentage of discounts. So you need to be well informed in the pre-shopping phase which we call Market Intelligence so that you can win a real deal.

Super Bowl Sunday is considered the event of Food but you can find merchants offer discounts especially on TVs and Cell Phones.


The second quarter of the year is studied as the best time to buy digital cameras, photography equipment, and accessories because of the bulk of previous models in the market and anticipations of new models in July. The year-end always sets you in a better position to buy cheaply as compared to the first half of the year.

The period between July and June is savvy for new laptops and PCs because of the release of new technologies in computers. The other reason for deals in mid of the year is back-to-school season – where stores offer amazing deals especially on student tech items such as laptops and PCs.

The laptop and desktop computers’ prices are affected by the launch of new chip technology. It is practice that major players such as AMD and Intel release new power packs in January, July and back to school season so set your schedule to get a bargain of upto 50% off. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always good events to shop for laptops.

There is intense competition in the gaming industry. New games and versions launch regularly in the game market so you don’t need to wait long to have a discounted copy of your favorite game about 40% price drop.

Video games, gaming systems, and accessories are cheaper in January, spring and at the end of the year or any other time when your favorite brand going to release a new model. There are many online gaming distribution sites out there on the web that offer deals through the year.

7. The Year-end Week

Christmas time is popular – even the whole week is the best time to shop for everything on amazing discounts. The shopping holidays are over, the year is ending, and the businesses are trying to boost their sales numbers to close books at remarkable figures and the New Year anticipations. Because the CES announcements are to touch market months later so year-end week and New Year fist week are good to go. The Smart TVs, Home Audio Equipment and Video Games are best to buy in the year-end timeline.

There is generally second round of new technology announcements especially on digital cameras in September – October can find your deal on previous models. The year is ending and it is common practice in the industry to offer discounts to boot sales volumes and achieve year-end targets.

As the CES announcements are to touch market months later so year-end week and New Year fist week are good to go. The Smart TVs, Home Audio Equipment & Video Games are best to buy in year-end timeline.
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The tech industry works differently as per the nature and use of an item. You need to understand the science and social trends of certain tech gears. The most age and model conscious product is cell phone in current social trends. People are keen and excited about a new model to take in hands and use even if it is with a little upgrade.

The second class is video games, software & apps. The third category is laptops, tablets, HD TVs, cameras and relevant devices. And then comes, the home theaters, audio and sound systems, desktops, GPS devices and other gadgets – where older models are not affected as much nor it feels the need to upgrade trending.

As a savvy shopper you need to follow the science of each class so that you can maintain the balance in saving and in society as well. The lower the gear class the more you have to save on and the less you need to worry about the model.


It is the more crucial and very first task to become a savvy shopper in all categories of shopping. You need to audit your need, usage and features you require, devices and options available in the market, work out your budget and lastly collect market intelligence for brands, models and their price ranges.

Here, I don’t feel the need to emphasize you to check the Consumer Electronics Show and Consumer Report. It is your homework, stick to your need & use – if you want a device to listen to the music then an old version of MP3 Player pricing $100 is enough and don’t need to have a $150 Nano with a video camera or something.

Any time is a good time to buy fast tech devices especially cell phones as long as you keep your eyes open. It is because almost all phone carriers keep releasing new models throughout the year so good deals on previous models – upto 40% price drop

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In the eyes of DigitalTrends, any time is a good time to buy fast tech devices especially cell phones as long as you keep your eyes open. It is because almost all phone carriers keep releasing new models throughout the year so good deals on previous models – upto 40% price drop.

They suggest an extended contract strategy with carriers like AT&T or Verizon, this way you can take advantage of most attractive cell phone deals for long period.


You need to turn the intense competition in the Tech industry to your advantage. Be vigilant, wait when one player is launching a new model with some radical upgrading, it is for sure that its competitor would be launching its product to parallel. You have to play in a competitive environment and select the best option at the best price.


Where is the best place to buy your next gear? The options are unlimited making it more difficult to select the best one. From brand’s flagship stores to phone carriers such as AT&T or Verizon outlets, in-stores to online stores and from brand new to refurbished and reconditioned there are a lot of options. Here we enlist the top companies to buy your tech.





I prefer to go online for my gadgets and accessories because of two reasons: one is, of course, convenience and time saving and another one is the best price – the lowest price (as low as sometimes only 30% of its retail price).

I have been always wining the best deal online with premium quality instead of physical stores. It takes just five minutes to search the best gadget you want, compare its features and prices with other options available and decide the best one. The following are the top ten online tech stores to check for your next gadget deal. Yes, they are ordered as per my favorite scale.

These are 10 sites and perhaps there would be some other best sites out there too that can help you find the best deal of tech device.

NOTE: There are popular tech brands out there in the market such as Apple, which normally don’t drop their previous model price officially upon the launch of the new model. So you have to keep in mind the worst case when waiting for the best time after the new launch.


The Lily suggests that after all, you don’t need to become tech-addicted as most of the millennium generation is observed. Technology is to bring peace and convenience in your lives, not supposed to add to your frustration.

  1. With the combination of Consumer Electronics Show and the Super Bowl Shopping Event, this starting month of a new year is considered as the best time to buy tech.
  2. Generally, the January and February is considered as clearance season with some exceptions to Apple and Samsung products.
  3. Visit tech store between 2 pm and 4 pm. Shop current model when new model is announced.
  4. Shopping holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday can bring upto 80% off tech deals.
  5. The best time to buy digital cameras is second quarter, the period between July and June is savvier for laptops and PCs, games and accessories are cheaper in January, spring and at the end of year.
  6. Before shopping, search the market, read reviews, compare prices and select the best match to your wishlist.
  7. Check the warranty and retailors policy for return; follow brand instructions to keep warranty valid.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or tips I missed, we’d love to hear it below!
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