How to become savvy shopper on eBay? A quick-tips guide to get start


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This post carries an overview of getting start & learns eBay buying-basics. It demands to be well informed before getting ready to enter the arena. I call it fun. You need to manage sneakily searching, biding, buying, payment and shipping in the overall process to win a deal at eBay

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eBay Quick-Tips Guide to Grab Best Deals | Promolily

The eBay is known as the market of more smart people who browse it not only to enjoy cheap deals for own use but also to make handsome money

An important quick-tips guide is right there beneath basics to be remembered as eBay commandments, of course, never exclusive.

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The eBay is a marketplace that works with a different model of buying and selling; auction. Millions of transactions are done daily on this famous site through bidding.

It provides an ideal place for bargain hunters and online arbitrators. The eBay is known as the market of more smart people who browse it not only to enjoy cheap deals for own use but also to make handsome money. They find out products in low prices to sale again with a margin in the whole process of money making called arbitration. (Arbitration – Wikipedia)

You can find other posts links, positioned in relevant paragraphs to get the whole process of savvy shopping at eBay.

Unlike other e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot where you can go straight, buy products adding into cart and check out.

The eBay primarily works with auctions, sellers list their products and buyers place their bids and make payment if won. This is truly a consumer to consumer market open for all.

You can become free member and take part in buying and selling. It charges sellers for listing and a percentage of final sale value of item.

It’s always trickier to buy a best deal at eBay that includes some learning curve to be savvy shopper or profitable arbitrator. You can buy products through one of three ways:

            Auctions   |   Buy it Now   |   Classified ads

Some sellers list their products using one channel and some offer both options simultaneously; Auctions and Buy It Now, with some price variation.

You can find cheap stuff from millions of items being smart enough to get all done on a low price. It is more than just to bid the item. From listing loopholes to title variations and from bid timing to deal stealing, there are many tools and tricks that can help you to enjoy a best deal on eBay.  

Getting start on eBay

All process takes start from creating account and registering yourself as a member. It is more important to maintain a good reputation (members feedback) through your account at eBay because other members consider it doing business with you.

The first step is to register you as a member on eBay using your name and email.

Go to   |   Register Now   |   If already member,   Sign in

Familiarize with Basics of eBay: How it works and how to be informed and savvy member on it

Learn some basics and know about its working process, tools and protection available on eBay for you as a bidder / buyer.

Give it some time reading, it well help you greatly on this world best auction platform. You can browse eBay just to poke a specific category or you may have a specific item from your wants list

Go to   |    Getting started on eBay  

Help: How to search?

Everything on eBay starts from search. A good search can bring you a good deal. So you need to be very vigilant and smart on this important first step.  There are many ways to accomplish a good deal search, available on search page of eBay. Do search, customize with options, do advance search and save your search.  

Go to   |   eBay Help Guide:  Searching an Item on eBay

Help: How to Buy?

After you have searched, buying process starts. You need to be very informed about buyer basics, rights, general rules for buyers to guide through whole process and most significantly the buyers’ protection. The eBay does a good help to handle any situation whether it is to offer bid, contact seller, make payment and protection in case of fraud.

Go to   | eBay Help Guide:   All about buying  

 Help: How to Bid?

More buyers, more bids, more completion to inflate the final price.

If you are looking good deals through auctions, you have to offer bid to win a deal. It is also a tricky task just like smart search because a good deal always attracts flood of buyers to compete. More buyers, more bids, more completion to inflate the final price

Go to   |   eBay Help Guide:   Bidding overview   |   Automatic bidding  

So to enjoy a good deal and to limit the hassle in this set-up you need to be clever again. There are many tools and tricks such as watching the entry, make proxy bidding, last minute bidding and many more you can use deliberately to steal a deal.

Help: How to pay?

After you won a deal, it’s time to pay for it through the sellers accepted means of payments typically PayPal, Credit Card, eBay Card and Visa card are commonly available.

The payments meant for genuine items, can be product or services but you need to pay for what you are actually purchasing. The eBay will guide you how to avoid scammers to evaporate your wallet. What if you got substandard item or not according to description or images.

Go to   |   eBay Help Guide:   How to pay? 

Here is your Quick-Tips Guide

This is not exclusive list but some additional points to keep in mind working on eBay

  1. It is allowed to transact only tangible items on eBay, not for intangibles which are possibly available free somewhere. Google it and don’t pay for information such as links, Sim & cellphone codes, recipes, advice & recommendations etc
  2. It is good idea to have knowledge about Consumer Rights, not only for eBay, for anywhere & whatever you buy.
  3. Try to buy from a trader-seller; a person whose business is to sell those items. The seller’s store and feedback page will tell you enough about a seller; registered as business seller.
  4. For any info and satisfaction, contact seller and have meaningful conversation politely.
  5. Under eBay’s “buyers protection” buyers are eligible for refund if goods are not according to standard or as per description.
  6. Under eBay’s Returns Guide,   you can return item you bought within 14 days after deliver date. Notify your seller and send back the item within 14 days. You are entitled to get refund of item plus shipping cost, if any.
  7. Under eBay’s “Money Back Guarantee” you have 30 days after delivery date, to complain & case if you are unhappy with product.
  8. In case of paid events where there is shortage of time between delivery and event, eBay allows you to send back tickets till seven days after event.
  9. Always try to pay by PayPal; eBay’s subsidiary and most commonly used payment channel. It will save your money from frauds and scammers.
  10. It is best to use your credit card with PayPal to pay for expensive items.
  11. Be vigilant, be conscious and trust your guts & six sense when dealing personally with seller or going to pick up item in person.
  12. Don’t pay for items which “don’t exist” at all but on eBay.
  13. Fake fashion brands and products are common on eBay and described as original.
  14. Always check seller’s feedback to ensure his/her credibility & professionalism. Go for those with over 97% positive feedback and looks legitimate vendors.
  15. Read negative feedback too, to check the reasons.
  16. Never buy from sellers with badly negative feedback, even offering good deal.
  17. Check if there is any recognition steal on seller entries such as PayPal, Power seller or Square Trade.
  18. Ask sellers and check their response.
  19. The product images will give you the idea of seller’s place, business and actual condition & existence of item.
  20. Carefully examine when service is being transacted.
  21. Avoid if its tangible item but no image is there, But it can give you a best deal if you examine smartly and satisfied yourself after contacting sellers.
  22. Check the item, its title and especially read in detail the description. Match with what is in the market, your wish list item and requirements.
  23. Google the item if confusing you about its information through description.
  24. Familiarize with the product, features, availability and prices in the market.
  25. Check the refund policy, if not available then ask the seller.
  26. Clearly calculate the shipping cost and ask the seller for more info.
  27. Is shipped product is as per description and your conversation with seller. Check it as you received.
  28. Check for other cheaper sources, sales, discounts and deals available on other online stores and physical places around before placing your bid.
  29. Shop on relax days and times to focus on your searching, transaction, shipment and receiving.
  30. If a deal is very attractive or making unbelievable offer, avoid it.
  31. Make sure the image of product is actual, not from internet.
  32. Check not only the product but availability of seller also. If you won who would be there to deliver you.
  33. In any problem, never waste your time and contact seller, eBay, PayPal, Credit Card Issuing Authority and any party involved.

This list is not exclusive, you may have some more tips which you are already using, include through comment below.

Check it: You may be interested to read about how to place your bid smartly after searching it?

What tricks you are using to win ultimate big deals on eBay? And what we missed here, let us read you in comments

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