How to become smart savvy shopper? A Frugal Living Guide

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Written by Babar Beacon

⊂ Updated: 05/03/2019 ⊃

From grocery to fashion and from purchasing a new car to travelling there are a lot of ways to become smart savvy shopper at and pay less than others are spending. There is simple but interesting knowledge cover to learn and keep in mind (keep in wallet as printout) few points that are being discussed under. This frugal living guide will help you immensely to shop smartly and save time, trip and money. "Purpose is to add to your Identical Fashion Style, not wardrobe orphans"

(words:1400  Pages:3  It can take 3-5 minutes reading, about being a smart worker)

Savvy Shopping Guide For Frugal Living | Promolily

(words:1400  Pages:3  It can take 3-5 minutes reading, about being a smart worker)

Being a savvy shopper is an easy task and living a real frugal lifestyle is truly an art and fun that saves you thousands of bucks almost on everything you buy in your daily to seasonal shopping.

It’s not all about saving you some bucks on an object it’s a habitual process you follow and get the best quality products or services with a saving of time, money and more importantly ended up with a complete sense of satisfaction. 

Most people don’t take it as seriously they just go and grab what they want or like with an unclear picture in their mind. It’s a worst idea for both brands’ sales personal and YOURSELF. Whatever all of us want more value in return of our dollars spending. 

As you take care of these points walking through the whole process you will feel that you are getting much better with practice

Here’s a rundown of shopping strategies which have been found very helpful when come to overall process of smart savvy shopping.

#1. Make a list at home and stick to it at store (or filling online cart)

The most import task in this process is making a list of items you need to shop at home and stick to that list when you are at store or filling online cart.

Writing your list sitting in your room or kitchen where you actually going to spend that purchase will prioritize your wish list exactly in accordance to your need. To keep it simple you can make it in your cell phone that will always be with you during purchasing to limit you.

If it was not needed when at home then why to buy at store; really it means logical

when I was okay with my brown sandals at home ,office or wearing at a friend’s party then why I am going crazy for red sandals which looks beautiful in store shelf on a glassy stand.

  • The list will help you to be in line and avoid grabbing other unnecessary items displayed on storefront.
  • During buying, you don’t forget the items you need and want at home

Most of people go for shopping without any such list and always end up with impulse purchase of items that they don’t really need and eventually become wardrobe orphan.

It’s a bad habit, so get rid of it and take just few minutes of careful thinking to create a useful list for your next store trip. This list is functioning as first step in your process of being a savvy shopper and you are going to use it with other points below.

Here it doesn’t mean to list only very needed items of most usage, you can wisely add some fashion products to match your style or some luxurious outfits for coming occasion.

If it was not needed when at home then why to buy at store; really it’s logical – So make a list before shopping exactly sitting where you are going  to actually use that item

Bonus Tip: 

“Firstly you don’t have to cheat your list. And yes after you checked all listed items then I do appreciate and used to become Shopping-Tourist for a while and explore a different department of Mall to fun, learn and have knowledge of other things usage, quality, availability and prices ranges.

You are calm and satisfied as you are done on your shopping list.  During window shopping of last hour you may come to a piece that really touches stings of your heart and suits you want, budget and/or an upcoming occasion, so grab it.”

#2. Do Market Research

Market research is the second most important task. Take your time, do some research to get knowledge about availability and prices of an item on your wish list from different stores locally or online.

Almost all brands and stores have their online presence and 24/7 availability so Google the product or go to specific brand site and collect information. If you found some online items and they too have physical store around, go and check physically.

Do price comparison and never hesitate to ask for bargain

It is very important task before actually shopping an item. You will have enough information of product and market to get a best deal from your store or brand.

Find out stores for best price and deals around. And make online research about finding competitive price and featured sellers of that particular item.  Look if there are deals, offer or clearance or promo available.

Do a full price comparison specially for expensive and potential items such as laptop or home appliance using online resources or simply making phone calls to stores offering that product.

#3. Deals & Offers

Why Pay Full Price of an item that you can have with far less with little efforts to find out the right deal.

You can always save decent amount of bucks finding deals and offers from your favorite brands and stores. All brands have their deals and offers exposed on site or physical store.

If you are shopping for fashion items then you will always find some online deals that will save you money. If you are planning to go out for dinner there surely will be some vouchers available on internet from various restaurants. 

If you are going shop routine grocery there will always be some coupons online or in store’s weekend brochures or any third party website to help you save money. Take some time and check deals and offers simply using your cell phone can come out with a great deal.

Find the Deals and jot down with expiry dates and plan a schedule ASAP to avail the deal.

Always shop around for the best deals on food and clothing to help cut spending. Take advantages of voucher / coupon websites such as to get the most from your money.

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#4. Clearance Sales

Clearance Sales are a best way to save huge dollars. The items in clearance sales may be Upto 80% off the original price in start season few months before

Almost all brands have clearance sales so find out best one you have on your wish list and shop. Using online e-stores you can find out when your favorite brand is offering clearance sales.

Clearance doesn’t mean the product is cheaper quality or different from what was in new arrival. There are many strategies brands follow to offer clearance and I personally always find best items in clearance.

Be sure there is no difference between new arrival of coming season and clearance of last season. No Difference as such in product but huge difference in price up to 90% low. 

You can always find a sweater with a tag of $55 originally but markdown priced $17 in clearance sales. Only difference is availability of size and variety. Both issues are discussed in below points to handle smartly.

New arrival is the best trap and fashion is the best scam you face in the market when you go for shopping

So try to be smart and find out the premier capri piece in end winter clearance sales that you will need in coming winter season. Trust me fashion and style does’t change as much in  single season.  Go, do experiment yourself and keep an eye upon products in two seasons and start and end of single season, you will be wow and find a way to save huge money on your favorite articles.

The only struggle may be finding your size since the items are of a limited quantity compared to the newer items; however, you can almost always find something at a great price with a little searching.

#5. Shop with Full Stomach

Never go for shopping with an empty stomach to avoid temptation. Always try to enjoy your full meal before shopping

shop with full stomach @ Promolily

it is studied that when you shop with empty stomach the chances of impulse buying increased and at all you will not have the required energy in your body and mood to enjoy your shopping. Take water bottle with you.

Some people do have plan or dinner around the shopping location as bonus after all shopping done but personally i do suggest the opposite. You should always have the best energy during shopping.

Interestingly It works with online shopping too  🙂

#6. Seasonal Shopping

Refer to all three seasons, always do seasonal Shopping

Seasonal shopping @ Promolily

When we talk about seasonal shopping it refers to three different points;

One is the part of clearance sales we have discussed in point #4 that is about retail season and the second one is about the planning of seasons for non-object shopping such as traveling and booking for vacations.  And third seasonal shopping point refers to the actually seasonal weathers geographically

Savvy shoppers do shop off season.  Thanks to Online shopping you can find products of both seasons throughout years on e-stores such as Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart to name of few.

There are two major seasons retailers follow; Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Retail shopping calendar is all about new arrival and clearance sales of these two seasons. Spring retail season starts in January and ends around the month of July. And Fall retail season goes last five months straight from August to December.

Sometime both seasons overlap about 4 to 6 weeks in stores.  End of particular season shopping will bring you more saving on previous items but start of season shopping will reward you with more variety

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The second referred season is discussed in point #30. And the Third referred season point is discussed in point #36

Bonus tip: I am a bargain hunter. I do Visit market in start of season to have the idea of new arrivals and price ranges. And when I visit at end of season to enjoy my clearance shopping I have the clear idea about a product original quality, style and prices and ends up with a best deal.

#7. Always look for Bargain

Try to develop a habit to love a good bargain

It’s what you find on store front and home page of brand site and secondly you also do ask for bargain; ask for any availability of low price or special favor being a loyal customer or otherwise. Learning bargain is easy and interesting task that you do actually at store floor or brand site

Bargain can buy you a product upto 75% off its original price tag. Then why miss it

#8. Coupons

Use coupons. Coupons are an excellent tool to save dollar especially on your routine shopping such as grocery

All brands offer special coupons time to time on their sites for special occasions. And stores around sometime drop coupons as surprise gift in your bags. It is the easiest way to spend less on almost all items easily at checkout.

Digital coupons automatically work and on physical store you can use user available coupons to save tremendous amount at the end of season.

Coupons are time specific offers so use them within expiry.

It is more important in savvy shopping that how you manage your coupons. You can have much different type of coupons such a digital coupons on site, special occasion coupons, physical coupons, and emailed coupons in your inbox, printed coupons in Sunday newspapers and weekend magazines.  So use them smartly to avail maximum benefit.

There are many coupon specialized sites which offer coupons for almost every product category you may have on your wish list. So finding the right coupon and using them wisely will bring you tremendous saving on money.

You have your wish list, find the best coupons for your wish list items through any of above mentioned means and mark the items with coupon discount percentage best available and also the expiry if any. And then do shopping accordingly by utilizing these coupons and record the saving for next planning.

Sometime brands offer special coupon codes that you can use with other deals such a clearance sales item to further save money. Isn’t it amazing way to save huge bucks?

Find out the Best Coupon Deals almost on everything at Promolily

You can find some specialized coupon sites such as Groupon and Promolily with hundreds of coupons available on single category.

You can scroll down to find out a coupon item that is not on your wish list but you are going to need it in future or those item coupon deals is very reasonable to stock up for long time usage then never miss it.

This way, just like “shopping-Tourist” you can have some coupons that will save you more money in near future because coupons are offered and expired so if you missed it means you loosed off bucks.

#9. Promo Codes

These are called promo codes , sometime coupon codes, discount codes, Loyalty codes and money-off vouchers, all work same way and going to save money on your purchase

Promo codes are kind of coupons, brands offer on their online sites for a specific event or limited time period.  they are ideal way to save money if found timely before going off and use with other deals and offers at their site

Check online brand sites or subscribe their newsletters to get informed earlier about these amazing offers and to benefit in time limit schedule. Integrate these codes with your wish list. 

Most of time these codes are offered especially so unlike coupons you have to make some generous place in your wish list for these promo offers. Fashion Brands sites are best place to find out these special promo codes. So be active and never let any single code go expire.

Some people confuse promo codes with coupons or other deals. Simply if a discount code is offered specially in reference to specific occasion, event, product with shorter time for couple of days then it is promo code.

And coupons are common and regular offers with changing percentages and codes.

#10. Trials and Special Student Offers

Try to avail free trial offer in your whole process of savvy shopping

Especially software and application do offer these kinds of offers and you are encouraged to use full versions in a specific time period that can lead you to final decision to buy or not to buy. 

Student discounts are a kind of special offers for student community. Interestingly except educational institutions, even businesses and brands do offer some rewards for being a student and being less at resources.

Many software companies offer student discounts. You can find many brands offer special student discounts on products.

If you are student then it is for you

#11. Sign up and Save Deals

If you do shop online then why to miss a 10% to 25% discount on original prices of all items a brand offers online

Almost all brands, stores, online companies, marketing sites and blogs offer sign up and save deals.  When you are planning to shop on Forever 21 next time go and signup with simply a valid email. Check out your inbox with a special signup discount link or code that you can use one time for your next shopping at that brand.

#12. Gift Cards

Use Gift Cards for shopping. Gifts card are one of sweet ways to show love by sending personalized gift cards

Many stores offer gift cards for their partner brands. Brands offer gift cards specifically for their own shopping.  And you can find many specialized companies offering gift cards for almost all brands and occasions.

They come in different denominations ranging from $5 to $1000 and a discount upto 10%.

Gift cards are categorized occasion wise such as Christmas or birthday gift card. And they come in two forms; online and hard card. Each form sub-categorized into design and personalized gift cards. Some Stores offer corporate gift cards for businesses to reward their employees with a sweet incentive.

You can save little percentage of prices using these gift cards. If using regular then end up with a huge saving of bucks.

Go to    |  Find out the Gift Cards For All for every occasion at Promolily

#13. Deals of the Day

Deal of the Day is an offer by online stores carrying huge discounts on some specific items randomly selected from different categories. Usually these deals are priced about upto 80% discounts

Check your favorite brands and specially e-stores such as Amazon , eBay which offer deals for a specific day and new deals for next day.  If you shop online then keep checking the deals of day and you can find an item you want or need to buy. 

There are some tools online which inform you when your selected item is priced markdown or offers in deals of day items. When happen go and grab.

#14. Special Offers

Be a savvy shopper buying special offers by brands

Brands and stores offer occasionally huge discounts on some categories. It can be a specific product, whole category discount or a promo code for a specific time. Special offers are time limited offers so when offered by brands avail it.

Go to   |   Find all brands update Special Offers at Promolily

#15. Buy in Bulk

Stores offer deals in coupons or special deals categories to attract customer to buy in bulk with special discounts

These kinds of offers are win win deals.  If you buy an item in bulk, it will increase sale figure of store and you can stock it for long time usage.

These kind of offers works in the manufacturing principle; economy of productions, as if they produce more than per item cost cuts down so never mind to offer customers with bulk buy offers. These offers are usually available on grocery items which have routine use such a tissue roles. 

Avail these offers carefully, as it can be out of your wish list and it can be in too large size that you are not expected to use in near future or you don’t have space to store it effectively. And the other point to consider is calculations.

At the spot, use your cell phone calculator and do some math to draw out a benefits in bucks by purchasing the offers. If it is really a good deal and tend to be used in near future then no reason to leave.

#16. Sign up and Drop Contact

This point of savvy shopping can be extension of point #9

By subscribing a brand you will be informed about updated deals and offers from that brand in your inbox. This practice works for your local physical stores. As If you regular do shop at a local store, then you should provide your contact to that store as per their customer service strategy.

When there is any special offer by that store they will inform you through text or otherwise and you will be one of some early visiting customer to get benefits from offered deal

Some fashion store even go further by offering customized offers according to customers priorities; size, style or else. Why not to practice?

#17. Scrutinize Your Wardrobe

Scrutinizing your wardrobe is an important part of developing shopping list

scrutinize ur wardrobe @ Promolily

Wardrobes are important place for fashion adopters specifically women.  Savvy shoppers do a regular scrutiny of their wardrobes to manage their closet. Don’t go to shop a new fashion or new-arrival but to shop your closet perfectly according to your taste and style

It will make easy to shop the items you really want and will avoid duplication of outfits. And it will smartly provide more options to wear all options of your closets in your own fashion style

Once in a month take some time and complete this task. You will be surprised to see the wear options your wardrobe will produce in front of you about which you were completely ignorant

And this process will reduce the chances of wardrobe orphans. Here show your smartness with the many options and never underestimate the power of alteration.

#18. Factor you Budget

Always look how can you factor your shopping budget?

If you are going to shop a new outfit or a laptop then what about old one. Firstly always use your clothes to fullest until they are out of fashion or your size then get rid of it, don’t bundle your wardrobe or house with item you are not going to use any more.

Savvy shoppers sell their used things online and factor their shopping budget.

Check what is extra or spare, it can be sold out for some decent bucks and factor your next shopping budget with a clean smile

#19. Advantages Solo Shopping

Solo shopping or group shopping?

You have to figure out your attitude to select the one of two options. Each has its own benefits but completely depends upon you. If you feel comfortable to go for shopping alone then one or two friends will distract your savvy shopping process and you will not completely enjoy it.

One main benefit of solo shopping it focused shopping, as you no need to company someone who is behind you everywhere. It’s irritating especially when your friend or sibling doesn’t match with your frequency.  I personally prefer to shop alone and really enjoy it.

Shopping is a very important and focused project. So take it seriously if you want best shopping.

#20. Benefits of Group Shopping

Benefits of group shopping are more than of solo shopping seriously

benefits of group shopping @ Promolily

As you figure out your attitude.  You feel good with friends and you have friends of your type and shopping stamina then it becomes the ideal situation to do smart savvy shopping

Friends usually aware of each other nature, choice and style so they are very helpful in shopping.  You can perform mirror trick at the spot and for a very sincere review about your new outfit. No need to check at home. Ready and realistic feedback at the spot.

If you are three friends out there for shopping it means six eyes to search an item. If size is not fit to one then most probably someone else will be of that size. It reduces the chances of duplicate item for any one because they all know each other’s wardrobe collections.

Here you can enjoy the best bargain and ask for special discount in bulk shopping. Sellers will be ready to favor you with a special price if you all are going to shop in large size

At all you will enjoy, cheer up and do your favorite shopping sharing experience and information about fashion, style, stuff and product and price.

#21. Figure In Inclusive Costs

Must Figure in all costs when making your buying decision

Taxes and shipping costs are important part of billing price so check and calculate the final price you need to bear to have a particular item.  Savvy shoppers even figure in the cost of time and travel.

Use your calculator to get a price. If item is discounted priced then it is more important to calculate the discounted price and see the difference if it worths to shop.

#22. Do Girly Math

Savvy shoppers are very good at instant math

Do girly math @ Promolily

Do you girly math considering an item to buy. In case of markdown prices and bulk buy offers it looks logical to do your math to figure out the benefits of buying that item

#23. Habits to Ask a Bargain

Develop the habit to always ask for a better price.

Sales persons are very good at their work. They know pretty much than you. So if you ask for better price or any deal they will assist you during the whole process there. So never hesitate to ask for deal, discount or price down for a specific item you are looking for or generally about a category.

#24. Don’t Go Crazy on Fashion Arrivals, Do Personalize your own Fashion Style

Don’t Be Fashion Crazy, follow your style

Your shopping list with a realistic budget calculation and secondly your personalized fashion style in accordance with your current size and shape is a key for better shopping. How can you be silly to buy for a lifestyle or personality you don’t have or you just visualize in your mind

#25. Wear Your Best Bras and Underwear

Wear your best fit bra and underwear in case you will need to try clothes in store test room

This tip is part of preparation before going to shop. It’s really important to get ready to go to market specially for fashion shopping.

Wear your best fit bra and underwear in case you will need to try clothes in store test room. You will feel comfortable to take on and off your clothes and it will be better to assess the fitting of clothes you considering buying.

#26. Basics let you feel better

Basic items like underwear, bras, sleepwear and all others which used by both men and women are not to be ignored

If you are feeling comfortable inside you will look more beautiful outside. Pay your special attention to these wears as they are not big deal to buy once in a season.

#27. Carry Matching Items

If you are going to shop for closet, carry matching items with you

carry matching items @ Promolily

It will be great help to find out the perfect match. And you can ask for sales person assistance to help you in finding the specific match

#28. Focus on Current Fit & Size

Focus on your current fit and size. Shop for body what you have now. It is more important to look fabulous in present.

Always do shop to use and wear in the present what you are and what fits you best right now. Fashion will change as you size or style change. New trends will come and your personality and priorities will change over a span of years so do shop and use in current time. 

Although you can do shop keeping in mind your classical fashion style which is tends to say longer in fashion trends.

#29. Alteration Magic

Never under estimate the power of alterations

Alteration Magic @ Promolily

Savvy shoppers always keep in mind the option of alteration. They don’t sacrifice their outfit. They can achieve perfectly fit clothing just with simple alterations. Alterations even become more beneficial and important when you are a bargain hunter. Even in the start season many time people face fit issues. 

The only thing you sacrifice in clearance sales is variety and size. So if you find a best piece in clearance but that doesn’t fit your properly than you know you can use the magic of alteration to make it perfectly fit. You will never take a second to buy and that at a huge discount too

#30. Product Manuals or Tags worth reading

Second thing you need not to ignore relating to product is its manuals or tags

Read the manual and tags carefully and follow the instruction this way you will feel more satisfied with the performance of the product.

#31. Be sophisticated and use the items with love and care

Generate positive energy when you wear and use the products you buy

Handle and store with care.  It will enhance the benefits product has for you.

#32. Be Patient in Fashion

Be patient in adopting new trends of fashion. Don’t rush to buy what you like or look people are trending

Be patient and be practical, Not everything others wear will suit your fit and style. It’s no guaranteed that the jacket your friends are wearing will look exactly fabulous on you. Follow your style according to your body and shape

Bonus Tip: If you love an item in new arrivals of start season but that is too much expensive for your budget. Just wait two to three months, you will surely be able to buy that item in clearance with 75% reduced price. It works and may be you end up with more excellent master piece.

#33. Shop Frequently

Keep visiting market or online site and shop frequently

Impulse shopping at once in a season will leave you many unused items in your wardrobe. If you do shopping time to time it will enhance your understanding about market, trends and products. And this way you will be more capable to get the best deal.

“Shop frequently doesn’t mean shop more”

#34. Don’t be Crazy at Sales

Don’t go crazy when you see “sale” sign. Be patient and practical

Make some market search and try to know the price difference. Check the items carefully to assess the quality as compared to items of original prices, the difference if it worth to shop.

#35. Closet Databases

Try to enlist your all closet and wardrobe items

Jot down everything you have in detail.  And keep track of all you current and future buying. Believe me this practice is going to serve you a long way in your savvy shopping.

#36. Shop in advance for coming Occasion

Try to shop in advance for coming occasion

It will save you from end hour hassle and bad shopping. If you relax the time will pass with rapid pace and at the end you will have a dress in your hand that never thought about. Be proactive in planning for special events and occasions. And always make a closet all ready for any special invitation or emergency call.

#37. Book in Advance

It can as beneficial to book for some expenses such as travel in advance as to be patient on fashion outfit to pick in clearance

Never let it till last minute to book your flight for vacation travel or book for a coming festival.

Advance booking of non-object shopping such as traveling or festival booking will save you huge money as compared to go for booking in peak periods. 

#38. Check out Local Stores and Duty Free shop

It will be a fun to visit these stores and learn from to enhance your savvy shopping experience

Check around your local stores for cheaper things with slightly used conditions or imported quality things on duty free shops.  It will be a fun to visit these stores and learn from to enhance your savvy shopping experience. I always find it beneficial for me to have trip of these stores and pick at least one item that is master piece and really going add value to my belongings.

#39. Try Time Limit Trick

It’s very useful trick for some people but to practice smartly

They suggest limiting yourself intentionally with time during shopping. It will not give you free hand to shop in your motion thus limits you to most needy items. With less time how can you buy more? But sometime it works opposite for someone. They shop more and bad items in a race mode.

#40. Develop your wardrobe horse

This is one of my most favorite points to talk about, to follow and to keep in mind when shopping

You must prepare wardrobe horses; the accessories and clothes that you like and you find it most suitable and similar to your style. It will bring peace in your wearing life. Keep simple, identify your wardrobe horse and buy the same items once a season.

I acknowledge that it works well for men because it is in accordance with their nature, but for women it has the worst reservations. Though you can try it up to some extent of your identical fashion outfit color and style


#41. Get Yourself Familiarize

Go and get familiar yourself with the item you have on your wish list especially expensive one

Take some time to read out the reviews of common consumers who are using and sharing their experience. It is very neutral and useful for your final decision to consider that item or to look at any alternative.

Once again let me add here earlier bonus tip of #3:

“I am a bargain hunter. I do Visit market in start of season to have the idea of new arrivals and price ranges. And when I visit at end of season to enjoy my clearance shopping I have the clear idea about a product original quality, style and prices and ends up with a best deal”

#42. Another angle of market price affects from inflation in economy

If you are planning to shop for something expensive one just like an appliance, car or any major expense of home then you must keep in mind the inflationary effect on prices

Some states and industries are more likely to fluctuate the prices. So consider inflation when managing your budget to shop in the future.

#43. Be wise with your credit card

Savvy shoppers try their best not to use credit card for their seasonal shopping to practice smartly

Try to save for shopping budgets and use them wisely. If you are using credit cards to avail a deal then you should consider the interest costs.

#44. Strongly Consider Seasons and Weathers in your city

Seasons and weathers are worth to consider when planning for future shopping

Your local weather will play important role in buying decision. Shop according to your local weather conditions and seasons. It works different from earlier discussed retailer seasons. You buy to wear and what to wear is depends on seasonal behavior.

#45. At Store

Consider every option and take your time at store floor

You have to buy a best value of every dollar you are spending there. Remain decent and polite with sales persons. They are more likely to assist you throughout your shopping process.

#46. Try to Be Loyal with a Brand

It’s not only beneficial for brands but also for you

They suggest limiting yourself intentionally with time during shopping. It will not give you free hand to shop in your motion thus limits you to most needy items. With less time how can you buy more? But sometime it works opposite for someone. They shop more and bad items in a race mode.


By practicing these points you can become a smart savvy shopper and save a decent amount of dollars every time you do shop.  There will always be some points you are already good at but you can focus some efforts on other points you feel worth to practice. It will enhance your shopping experience and eventually save you dollars.

You will surely have some personal experience and tips so feel free to share with the community of Promolily.

Bonus Tip:  “Feeling Good”

Shopping is really a fun task in our routine lives. You feel excited before going to shop. You have imaginations of colored frocks, red sandal and blue muffler blowing your mind and you are excited to shop your favorite jeans for next college trip. We all share these emotions and feelings with some fear of not finding the piece we want from a particular brand under our budget. So overall we are excited to have that fun. Here I come to a very important point: “Feeling Good”

Feeling good during shopping and when you wind up. You have to become “Pleasant Savvy Shopper”

  • Feeling good before shopping; excitement of buying your dream outfit
  • Feeling good during shopping: fun of walking around and having joyful conversations with sales persons.
  • Feeling good after shopping: Feeling the satisfaction of buying and sense of ownership

It means you have to enjoy the shopping with a beautiful mood and end up with the same level of positive emotions and energy. You have to feel the sense of ownership of some beautiful items that are surely going to enhance your style, confidence and personality.

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The author is co-founder and co-editor at Promolily. Has a practical knowledge and experience of e-commerce, online marketing and retailing.

*Disclosure: It may contain affiliate links that may earn an advertising fee for advertising & linking to the merchant / business. The logos are property of respected brands & stores.

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