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The article is a general study and comparison of hard working vs smart working. Everything is visible results of invisible that run in our minds. The actual battle field is between our two ears; our brain. Our mental intelligence is all time best solution and that is why we are going to take serious notice of Henry Ford statement “Progress isn't made by early risers or hard workers, but by lazy people trying to find easier way to do the same...” in this 1400 words blog post.

(words:1400  Pages:3  It can take 3-5 minutes reading, about being a smart worker)

Smart Working vs Hard Working | Promolily

(words:1400  Pages:3  It can take 3-5 minutes reading, about being a smart worker)

Not Hard But Smart

(Go smart, not hard because everything is visible results of invisible)

It’s worldwide culture that mostly people believe blindly on hardworking more to get their goals, earnings, and satisfaction. What so ever the expected end results; people satisfaction is majorly depends upon how much efforts they consign and the match of outcomes with their mentioned objectives.

Some people use the “Smart working” as a defense for lazy work

It stands for hardly 3 percent people who are smart where activeness is not only solution but effectiveness matters more. Not persistent efforts but in right direction produce results.

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♦  The way of thinking and perception is on move toward the smart style; keep an eye on your objective in a broader visionary soil?  (Jessica Roay

♦  The way of thinking and perception is on move toward?  (Jessica Roay)

♦  The way of thinking and perception is on move toward the smart style; keep an eye on your objective ?  (Jessica Roay)

It is universal style to use the hands plus tongue more than the mind; use the left side of mind more than the right side that is all time intellectual solution.

That’s why people are far-off the smart way to have what they achieve in hard way–hardworking; with more time and efforts.

It is because of our built-in programming where it is stored that there is only traditional and hard option to produce results we required for our well being in long run.

Now they are unhappy with this infertile labor like WILD GOOSE CHASE, experiencing much higher incidence of non-success. The pattern is being altered in sluggish pace as people paradigm is on move; they are getting engaged in a practice “stop and think little bit before right move”.

The way of thinking and perception is on move toward the smart style; keep an eye on your objective in a broader visionary soil, think beyond the box and make the wise choice.

Remember almost 80 percent our future problems would be the direct product of our choices (sacrificial decision) of present and remaining 20 percent would be the by-product of our post decision wrong attitude towards the things

Smartness is inside the minds; it demands to think, rethink differently and subsequently make different decision that will create actual difference on material floor.

There is smart way to accomplish our targets with a cost effective and time productive but result oriented, finest perception and realistic way; the one of two ways people used less in past history to travel through to get their destination.

Never waste your energy and time to get things happen, to correct and adjust objects. Work upon yourself, put emphasis on the fine and continuous growth of your mental intelligence, the best things will incur magically

Stephen’s words (You Begin with the End in Mind) “that things are created twice. There are a mental or first creation and a physical or second creation to all things” their paramount mixture produces more

The victory or defeat in such cutthroat competitive world is exclusively final and second generation of an object; a natural result of our past thinking, attitude, choices and decisions.

The occurrence of best or worst things in our lives, success or failure, pleasures or sorrows, good or bad happenings and gain or loss these are secondary things.

Everything is visible results of invisibles that run in our minds. The actual battle field is between our two ears; our brain. Our mental intelligence is all time best solution, the most powerful way out that sets our future conditions being the first generation.

Smart working emphasizes the first generation (solution oriented thinking job) and just glances at hardworking (actual and physical happening)

Since human nature in essence is of a step taker and initiator but never of follower, with the same strength is it smart too.  Let me say by nature every one is smart yes I say “Everyone” is “Smart”

This smartness as a fundamental program naturally stored in the ROM brain-chip of every person that provides the solid base to move forward, originate and invent new things, day by day advance techniques and technologies to facilitate in the process to accomplish objectives with maximum efficiency and effectiveness in limited-resources economies.

Well then what about the all worlds legendary maxim “hardworking is a key to success” or “work, work and only work” or “Honor lays in honest toil(hard work)”, the favorite advice of connoisseurs, teachers, parents and every big wig.

If so then Donkey should have been the most respectable icon in the world and lion the emperor of jungle that sleep more then 18 hours should have been least respected.

The overwhelming evidence suggests the contrary, that hard work has nothing to do with success and is actually counterproductive

Here I am not contradicting what they suggested and never negating the importance of hard work; that’s exclusive of doubt. Other than when I observe the school teacher delivers to 1st class children “hardworking is a key to success so just believe on hardworking” and likewise it is the only option and the worst option.

I afraid of the lesson not because children are learning incorrect things but they are not learning the correct ones. It might be okay in their studies but there is no place of it in very unextrapolative practical environment where you have to “play with mind”.

They are doing things, not learning things.

At the end of the day smartness add value to the work

The overwhelming evidence suggests the contrary, that hard work has nothing to do with success and is actually counterproductive.

At the end of the day smartness add value to the work. He teaches how to use their hands, not minds; directing a troublesome way to accomplish their success from a range of more effective and very achievable ways that are literally straight to destination.

He doesn’t educate regarding how to use their most powerful asset and what is the most effective approach to get the great goals because “Smart-working is a key to Success” is out of teacher’s own paradigm; a blind believer of “hardworking is key to success”.

He doesn’t appreciate “analyze before accept, accept if suits, if doesn’t then first make suit then accept with hard grip” model and in no way pinpoint the importance of Shortcuts and Dreams to underscore the great ends and objectives of immense vision with the highway to reach. He tutors the ordinary approach to lose one’s efforts and urge to get least with utmost. He doing job divergent to Pareto Principle “how to become exactly smart enough to get 80% production with just 20% efforts”.

The nation builders handover proficiently a primordial pattern which would be least serving and fruitful to endure in the matter-of-fact age. Simply, because it is the formula of 20th century.

Current world is smarter and there is only one thing permanent “change”.

It is happening with the rapidity as astonishing. The smart and fast world’s states and big companies of business economies are becoming smarter gradually.

They never need people who are hard workers and slogs but with billions-budgets they are more conscious to catch smart workers. Simply businesses need head-workers not hand-workers, smart workers not hard workers, the people who are fast by minds not fast by hands.

The proactive human resource that can produce with least time and cost. The smart managers who can contribute greatly to the company’s efforts to meet its targets in the current world of market economy with intense competition. 

The last and the most, Smart working and hardworking go hand in hand; smart working is inclusive of hardworking. It never means to stop working; look “WORKING” is common to both, “hard” scale the degree of efforts, energies and “smart” scale the attitude, approach being followed to get out work done.

One thing will get you on smart track; simply plan smartly, work hardly for that plan and only hard work will scatter your energy, at all “ethics” will matter when you play smart

Firstly exercise your brain and then your body; your life would be the surname of effectiveness and success. Remember the ultimate greatness of life is not knowledge but act upon.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or tips I missed, we’d love to hear it below!
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Smart Working vs Hard Working | Promolily
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