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Written by Babar Beacon

⊂ Updated: 05/03/2019 ⊃

Most of the time eBay is used as a synonym of online auctions and bidding but there are many other online penny auction sites serve good features for buying and selling through auction. Here are 15 top online auction sites curated by Promolily blog contributor.

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You can find good deals through the fun of bidding but it requires you to be more smart than straight “buy it now” shopping. All online auction sites share almost the same primary function but unique features, convenience, support and categories of listings.

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     15. Wellbid
     14. iOffer
     13. Deal Dash
     12. Propertyroom
     11. Govdeals
     10. Webstore
     09. Ecrater
     08. Listia
     07. Ubid
     06. Bonanza
     05. OLA
     04. Atomic Mall
     03. eBid
     02. Liquidation
     01. eBay

15. Wellbid

Wellbid is a penny auction website operated by Welmory Limited, incorporated in Cyprus. Its slogan is entertainment shipping, as an exciting alternative to typical online shopping or penny auctions


They make it fun for buyers to offer bid and grab deals on Wellbid in a very interesting form of competition among buyers. You can freely become verified member and enjoy deals upto 90 percent off.

You can trade and buy every kind of merchandise and services here in a very safe transaction environment. Wellbid offers auctions in two ways; Beginner auctions and buy it auction. Beginner auctions are open for all who login the Wellbid whereas in buy it auction, the buyer can buy the auction item on listed price, bid price will be refunded. Let’s have a look at highlights of Wellbid.

Go To:    Wellbid

  • All members’ accounts are verified using any identity document under a standard procedure to make everyone feel safe transacting business.
  • It is a shopping plus featured entertainment as well.
  • Auctions start from as low as 1 penny and closing price come solely from the buyers.
  • You can find deals on brand new items upto 90 percent off its retail price.
  • If you won, upon confirmation of payment, fast shipment gets the way to you.
  • All items are backed by manufacturer warranty to safe buyers. If you required you can claim warranty.
  • Both buying Options are available; Buy it auction and buy it now.
  • You can communicate and chat with other auction bidders to make the final decision.
  • You can publish your comments and enjoy rewards with extra bids.
  • You can participate in Wellbid contests to win exciting rewards.

14. iOffer

The iOffer is a San Francisco based auction website, launched in May 2002, with over one million users and 100 million listed items.


It is a globalmarket place that operates in a different model of buying and selling; negotiated trading model. The model they call is better than the penny auction system. A transaction is done on the completion of trading negotiation between buyer and seller using the channel of iOffer.

Come to highlights.

  • Two buying options are available; buy it now and make an offer, to engage negotiation.
  • It is a healthy form of trading because the pure human factor is involved in the form of negotiation.
  • Authenticity and credibility are built up through review and feedback of sellers from buyers.
  • Everyone at ioffer enjoys a market repute, created by other members which play important role in transacting with others.
  • Listing is free and they only charge a percentage of the final negotiated price.
  • All transactions are open for all to view and review.
  • Buyers can ask for items through “want ads”, free.

Go to  |  iOffer  

13. Deal Dash

All buyers pay for each bid they are offering but only final bidder wins the deal. All the participants then offered the same item to buy on listed price


The deals dash is another renowned online auction site which operates under the same model of penny auction but with different features.

All buyers pay for each bid they are offering but only final bidder wins the deal. All the participants then offered the same item to buy on listed price.

Deal dash restrictions and sophisticated control systems make it different from other auction sites. Arbitrators and re-sellers are not allowed. They strive to provide equal opportunities for all participants using many monitoring tools.

Go to   |   DealDash Home  

Here are highlights:

  • You enjoy free shipping on everything
  • You need to purchase bids before participating in auctions for a minimal price.
  • Only one account per person is allowed and you cannot resell the items you already purchased on Deal Dash, it is to control arbitration.
  • They offer “one-per-user” marked auctions which are only for those who have not won any yet.
  • They keep check on overbidding by your friends or family because every bid contributes one penny in the auction price.
  • The third-party utilities and software are strictly prohibited to use for bidding, stealing or searching.
  • The auction clock runs on time lap of 10 seconds with each new bid but if no new bid it gets in 10 seconds the last bidder wins.
  • One person can win the same item once a week.
  • It offers a legit system, if you don’t succeed, get all bids returned to your account, go and buy using buy it now button.

12. Propertyroom

The Propertyroom is an online auction site which specialized in offering services to law enforcement agencies and municipalities in helping auction their abandoned, stolen, seized or surplus items

Property Room

You can find thousands of items from all categories, offering and closing daily on Propertyroom and can have deals on vehicles, jewelry, and electronics upto 90 percent off retail price.

Check the highlight points:

  • Every auction starts from $1 and closing price work out by buyers.
  • This works just like a traditional way of auctions at the backyard of police stations or agency offices but now online.
  • This is a best place to look for expensive items of the police department, fire department, airports, fleets, and parking departments nationwide. Visit and have fun.

Go to   |   Propertyroom  

11. Govdeals

The Govdeals works just like Propertyroom but more specific and customized.

Gov Deals

It provides online auction services to government agencies under their own auctions rules and regulation.

Everyone can participate and offer a bid on thousands of seized and found items. All transactions are secured by Govdeals and follow the instructions of government ordinance.

Regular visit and fun can get you an amazing deal and you can access it worldwide, USA and Canada.

Go to   |   GovDeals  

10. Webstore

An amazing website, very simple & easy to use that offers free auctions at all with over 300,000 registered users. No fees of listing and no percentage of final prices and even no fee for setting up store


Yes, it is all free to sell on Webstore auctions. And from where they finance the site? advertisements & donations. No fees mean low prices for buyers too. So you can find best deals at Webstore on almost everything. The donations bring sellers incentives which help greatly to boost their auctions.  

  • Free and easy to sell and buy
  • It promotes listings not only inside Webstore but on search engines that bring traffic to site and sellers stores.
  • Very low monitoring and control system applied on site.
  • Webstore appreciate the mutual solutions and negotiations between buyer and seller that’s why they don’t offer any support in disputes and frauds.
  • Buyers can review sellers and provide feedback that is available for everyone.
  • You can search items using title or through sellers store.
  • A seller can control and monitor its store and can limit its listings to some specific buyers restricting others to bid.
  • The ads can be annoying but if you can deal with then it is amazing market place to sell and buy good deals through auctions.
  • Because of low monitor and minimal rules & regulations, buyers need to be very vigilant on Webstore especially when making payment; use your PayPal account always.

Go to   |   Webstore  

9. Ecrater

The eCrater, launched in 2004, is more than an auction site. It offers an open platform to setup an online store and sells products worldwide.


There are millions of products that can bring you the best deal. All listings are incorporated with Google shopping and it makes easy for sellers to import for eBay and other e-commerce stores.

  • A worldwide marketplace opens for all to trade online.
  • Free to register, open to sell and buy without paying any kind of fees.
  • Setup store and enlist product, import product from other e-commerce stores and sell worldwide free.
  • Additional features are available to customize online stores and make the whole process of buying and selling easy.
  • A platform to communicate and coordinate with other merchants, to share experience that makes it an online selling learning community.

Go to   |   eCrater  

8. Listia

Listia is an online marketplace to trade your extras, unused and spare items for Listia credits that you can use to buy brand new or used items listed by other sellers.


The money is Listia credits for buyers and sellers to transact a trade.

It is an amazing platform to give away your spare belongings and items of all kind to earn Listia credit and to ultimately buy good deals of items you have on your wish list.

It is a best place for savvy shopper to practice Promolily savvy rule number 25; that is about to factor the budget for new items selling your unused property.

It’s free to become member and enlist items such as wardrobe orphans. The selling of these items will earn you Listia credits in your account balance. Now you can spend the Listia credits to bid and buy items listed by other sellers.

So this system makes Listia the pure community market place. Sometimes it is called the online community channel to exchange products. You can use the web or mobile app to transact trade here. Interesting to check.

There are many ways offered on Listia to earn credits; as you simply signup, you earn 1000 credit points, 1000 credits on listing first item and 50000 huge credit on inviting one of your friends on Listia. So it’s fun that earns.

Go to    |   Listia  

7. uBid

Ubid is a famous online auction site that also offers buy it now items on fixed price. It offers its own products and third party sellers, through Ubid-certified merchant accounts

Ubid Image

You can find best deals on everything from brand new to pre-owned and refurbished. The consumer electronics, home goods, jewelry, and cell phone are the main categories of Ubid.

  • Ubid is a legit marketplace that offers its own products on auction and fixed price
  • Third party sellers can sell items though maintaining merchant account with Ubid.
  • Most of the products come from a certified source of ubid’s warehouse or affiliated manufacturers.
  • All transactions are backed by Ubid, so safe to buy and sell.
  • It is best place to buy consumer item from excess inventory at discounted prices.
  • The sellers on Ubid are more professionals so the buying process is straight & safe for buyers.

Go to   |   uBid  

6. Bonanza

It is a renowned marketplace especially for new sellers and entrepreneurs who venture in online business. They call it the market for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs


You can maintain an e-commerce store using Bonanza platform because it offers many tools and features to make it easy and convenient for sellers to manage an e-store.

Bonanza provides best support to set a store and sell because if their seller sells they do make money. So approach at Bonanza is purely seller-centric. You can do savvy shopping over Bonanza and save handsome bucks.

  • An open and much customized platform to sell and manage e-store.
  • Automatic import of products from eBay, Amazon, and Shopify.
  • They offer multi-items editing capabilities
  • The sellers maintain a zero-effort Webstore, can customize it as per requirement
  • It offers fully customized marketing campaign features for sellers.
  • Customer relationship development is a key at Bonanza.
  • It’s a famous site among eBay and Amazon sellers and buyers so you should try it.

Go to   |   Bonanza

5. OLA

OLA motto was a simple & inexpensive marketplace for sellers and buyers; valued customer.


Online Auction is a site to sell and buy with affordability and simplicity. It provides a customer-centric approach to make it both process easy for sellers as well as for buyers. It offers a safe and inexpensive channel of communication between both parties. The customer service is a key to transact over OLA.

  • Easy and simple to buy and sell
  • No undue restrictions and interference by site, you are free to accomplish.
  • Free listing and no final value percentage cut.
  • A flat fee of $8/ month is the rule for all sellers.
  • Buyers are appreciated to communicate sellers with safe channels
  • Interlink your all online store items and promote products the way most suitable for you
  • Multiple listings and time saving features
  • To make it really live auctions, time lap of 15 seconds run on every new bid, until the last bid
  • Customer service is absolutely on top
  • Ideal for new sellers who want to venture in online selling business.

Go to   |   OLA  

4. Atomic Mall

With over 200000 users, Atomic Mall is another growing penny auction site which offers a credible source of communications between buyers and sellers

Atomic Mall

Sellers are charged with a small membership fee and a percentage of final value of auction. And buyers are free to snatch best deals over Atomic Mall. They have good control and monitoring system to avoid nonserious users. So it is more safe and trustworthy to transact there.

  • Free to buy and shop
  • The site appearance is good to attract traffic.
  • Sellers need to have a verified member account, among five membership options available.
  • All accounts are verified so safe for both parties to do business
  • The credibility and reputation is measured in scores that is visible to everyone
  • Sellers can advertise their listings and boost auctions
  • Listing items are automatically sent to search engines to attract generic traffic
  • Analytics are available for sellers
  • Accept payment through Amazon, PayPal, Visa/Master Card, and Bitcoins.

Go to   |   AtomicMall  

3. eBid

Buyer can enjoy best deals and make payment using the safe payment methods; PPPay, Paypal, skrill are integrated.


The famous online penny auction website was founded in 1998 and currently it operates worldwide. According to Alexa Ranking, it enjoys over 15 million new customers yearly and has over 8 million page impression monthly. Sellers are free to enlist basic auction and when done, eBid charges zero or a small percentage of final value.

  • Large customer base and minimum fees with many selling features.
  • Seller accounts are verified
  • Best deals for savvy shoppers
  • Offers three memberships; buyers, occasional seller and professional sellers.
  • You can earn “buddy points” every time you buy, sell of invite new member. You can use these points to bid on buddy auction items of all categories
  • Professional sellers can enjoy 60 second extended time lap with every new bid on their auction
  • Featured auction is available to stay at top of search for 30 days
  • With basic account you can enlist item free for 3 days and eBid charge 3% of final value.

Go to   |   eBid

2. Liquidation

A smart and efficient commerce solution. If you are looking for a convenient place to buy commercial inventory and government surplus merchandises in bulk size deals on best rates, then liquidation is best place.


It operates over 200 countries worldwide and over $7 billion completed transaction. The items can be brand new to customer-returned and payback. Liquidation enlists wide variety of over 500 product categories; apparel to electronics, housewares, furniture & fixture to vehicles and industrial inventories.

The liquidation is a big company and provides very latest online selling feature to facilitate the seller as well as buyers. If you are looking for commercial inventory to use in business then bother it, you can find best deals to boost profit margin.

  • You can select one of two buying options; Make a bid or Buy it now.
  • National and international shipping
  • Assist in whole logistical and delivery process
  • Tracking and detailed reporting with a dedicated customer service.
  • Provides safe and controlled environment to buyers and sellers to transact.
  • Wide range of products and in bulk size purchases
  • Free to register as buyer and your account will be verified
  • Offers advance search to find best deals easily.
  • Search alerts and email alerts are available for convenience.
  • Flexible payment methods are available to choose from; PayPal, credit card or Wire transfer.

Go to   |   Liquidation  

1. eBay

eBay quick tip guide | Ebay Savvy Shopping

The eBay is number one online auction website in the world and its name is used as an alternative word for auctions in the market. Promolily curated 5 detailed articles on eBay which you can read in text format or watch videos.

Go to   |   eBay  

And what is your favorite site to find best deals and sell stuff? Make you valued contribution in the comments…

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