How deals hunters curate deals for you?

“Everything listed (posted) on Promolily is a deal and every deal on Promolily is called iPromo”

Savvy Mission: Promolily mission is “a smart savvy shoppers community”, by enjoying a fun way of sharing & discovering best deals, offers, sales, discounts and coupons.

All the deals provided here are either searched, collected, (handpicked) curated or/and posted by Promolily curators; Deal Hunters or shared by community. On our savvy mission, best deals are selected, verified from top brands & stores and updated through a regular process by Promolily Contributors.

Must be a “Real Deal”: At Promolily, a deal is called “Real Deal” if it offers some form of financial or other benefit apparently for consumers. Ideally a monetary discount on regular price of product or service or it might have benefits of terms / time / access / convenience / value / bundle / package or shipping etc.  And every deal should must be comparable between now and before or with what competitors offer.

Promolily Deal Hunters are best brand explorers and they put their knowledge, expertise and information to find out best deals and update existing offers. The purpose is to provide a better way to get maximum value of money people spend in routine. It makes no representation as to the 100% accuracy or completeness of any info / deal on this site or found by following any link (might be affiliate link) on this site.

All the deals / stuff are offered currently through 5 main sections:

  1. Promoboards: these are basically deal boards of a specific product (deal) with enough information from a brand. A brand (Promobrand on Promolily) can have multiple Promoboards in respect of its deals categories.
  2. Promogrid Deals: Here savvy shoppers can find Special Offers, Deals of the Day, Signup & Save, Gift Card deals, Coupon deals and Gifts & Guide deals.
  3. Savvy Forum: A community of shoppers & consumers for savvy discussions.
  4. PromoBlog: Here you will be provided the savvy stuff as in-depth pillar posts to practically become the smart savvy shoppers.
  5. Spotlight Deals: Hot item deals from all categories on unbeatable discounts.
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Under the mission of savvy community, all the content provided on the weblog is either searched, collected, curated or/and posted by Promolily team or shared by community / contributors or other means; endorsed (free) by marketers / brands / e-stores. Its purpose is to provide convenient platform to savvy shoppers through info & guide the way people spend money on products & services. It makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of any info / deal on this site or found by following any affiliate link on this site.

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