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The Promolily weblog is a community platform to discover and share deals. So whether you are a shopper or seller, event organizer or social promoter whatever you will send us; (online & in-store) deals, | promos | coupon codes | discounts | sales | special offers | gift cards | blog post | dressing & fashion tips | shopping tips | events | promoblog | rank a brand and all that comes under “Real Deal” title, we will post it on Promolily. Its all about greater contribution by community for the community.
Along with discovering deals by consumers community, Promolily provides a better opportunity to expose their business and brands to a large poll of potential customers. It is a convenient platform for brands and entrepreneurs to shout out their offers and can benefit by diverting a generic traffic to their own e-stores and events. Its quite simple special and yes absolutely free to advertise. 

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Instructions / Terms & Conditions

It is highly appreciated to be relevant and productive in sharing deals. Any form of  spamming and text link schemes are strictly prohibited. Promolily team closely check the deals section and remove spamming stuff to make it productive savvy community. If you find any such share, flag it to help moderators to review. Lets contribute to make it a savvy community – Promolily team

  • Direct to share, requires no registration
  • Be relevant & productive and share only valued deals.
  • “Real Deals” are the offers having some form of financial or other benefits apparently for consumers. ( Ideally a monetary discount on regular price of product / service or it might have benefits of terms / time / access / convenience / value / bundle / package etc. Every deal should must be comparable between now and before or with  competitors.
  • “Non Deals” are all offers having no incentive financially or other for users. 
  • Promolily moderators will review your shares to make sure the title of “real deals”. The users with more “real deals” will enjoy more approvals and more exposure. The continuous sharing of “non deals” can possibly ban users if they keep getting down votes for their shares by community.
  • Upload an optimized image (recommended frame size 450/250 px | Data size max. 4 MB). Image for deal is optional and nothing to do with its approval but highly recommended. Mobile captured images may exceed the upload limit of 4 MB but you can easily optimize it using this online tool without compromising quality | Compress Image:  PNG   |  JPG
  • Share your own business deals with community and advertise free to huge pole of consumers or you can share other savvy deals you find during shopping to help savvy community.
  • Enter original deal URL. The links to a single product deal / category have 50% more chances to be approved and published than links to home page etc.  Affiliate links / Spamming / Short links (, etc) are not allowed
  • If your deal is a coupon then enter coupon code that users will use to clip for discount on source page.
  • Mention correct expiry of your offer. if expiry is not available the deal will be ended in 14-21 days after published. (you can set expiry upto 21 days from the day you submit)

Enter the deal contents and submit

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Disclaimer Statement:
Under the mission of savvy community, all the content provided on the weblog is either searched, collected, curated or/and posted by Promolily team or shared by community / contributors or other means; endorsed (free) by marketers / brands / e-stores. Its purpose is to provide convenient platform to savvy shoppers through info & guide the way people spend money on products & services. It makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of any info / deal on this site or found by following any affiliate link on this site.

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