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How to get maximum benefits from signup and save deals?

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Matthew Watson
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Joined: 4 years ago

Brands and stores offer one-time signup and save deals with amazing discounts so how to utilize them maximum?

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Tiffany George
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Joined: 4 years ago

If you do shop online then why to miss a 10% to 25% discount on original prices of all items a brand offers online. Almost all brands, stores, online companies, marketing sites, and blogs offer sign up and save deals but shopper doesn’t give a shit to these free subscription deals although they carry huge discounts upto 25% off on whole order of regular priced items; not sales shelves but new arrivals.


When you are planning to shop on Forever 21 next time, go and subscribe with simply a valid email. Check out your inbox with a special signup discount link or code that you can use for your next shopping with that brand at 10% to 25% discount.


Signup Deals Really Can Save You, Big Bucks: 

Imagine how much you can save on regular priced items of your favorite brands when ordering big to discount 15% on the whole order. ? Some brands put limits on maximum order size so totally avail that limit and save big just with a single email subscription.


Why Brands/Stores Offer Subscription Discounts:

Brands offer many types of deals/discounts/offers throughout the year as their marketing strategy. All businesses want their customer to be loyal with them and maintain a long term profitable relationship so they need to firstly attract the new customers and then manage it to go a long way.

Signup discounts are the most common type of deals and almost all online and even physical businesses offer these deals. These are single-use customer specific coupons and sometimes come with expiry date and maximum order size etc. So businesses develop their email lists and use them to carry the relationship through early emails of new arrivals, offers, deals, and discounts.


Signup Deals are Win-Win Offers:

By subscribing a brand you will be informed about updated deals and offers from that brand in your inbox. This practice works for your local physical stores. If you regularly do shop at a local store, then you should provide your contact to that store as per their customer service strategy.

When there is any special offer by that store they will inform you through text or otherwise and you will be one of some early visiting customer to get benefits from the offered deal.  Some fashion stores even go further by offering customized offers according to customers priorities; size, style or else. Why not practice?


Pro Tip: bookmark one or two of your favorite bridal dresses brands and subscribe it with an email just before your own marriage or some of your friend’s marriage. 15% flat off on an expensive bridal dress can be a huge saving to use for other items on your list. ❤️ 


Trial Use Offers:

Other forms of subscription deals are trial use offers especially from IT, internet, web, and membership businesses. Personally, I maintain a database of signup deals and trial use offers and use them as per my need and plan. Trial offers provide you the opportunity to test and use pro software or featured membership that you can carry or cancel at the end of the trial period. Savvy shoppers take these deals seriously.


 “Why not enjoy Free 30 Day Prime Trial”

All premium features of Amazon such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Family, Music, and Videos, etc. comes with a trial period. If you don’t want to subscribe to these paid services you can still enjoy for a limited time.

You can benefit from premium services for at least 30 days. You can use your trial offer in a month when you are expected to shop more for some reasons. Check all the premium services with a trial period, subscribe and if you don’t want to activate for next term, cancel it before the expiration of trial or select “Do not Continue” in Prime Membership management section.

Go to   |  Start Your 30 Days Free Amazon Prime Trial

Amazon subscribe and save is a popular section on Amazon that offers upto 25% discounts and free shipping on all essentials and regular use items with same day delivery.


Critics Say:

Some critics say it is not a good way to start a relationship with customers by offering these deals as a bribe to subscribe the list that customer don’t care for content an email have or why should they bother about to open these marketing shits other than just to avail first email coupon code.

They say shoppers’ normal practice is to subscribe just to benefit from the discount and then after unsubscribe and even people use more than one emails to get huge discounts on their next shopping so it is not as useful for businesses as for shoppers.


And what is your take?  ?   Check out the discussion below to see savvy experts’ insights or to contribute your own savvy tips